Your Perspiration Has An Emotional Story!

Perspiration is a topic that is not often discussed. In the year 1934, BA McSwiney, a British physician was concerned that there was no research on the chemical composition of perspiration. Most of the studies have been focused on the evaporation of sweat from our bodies but not the understanding of the composition of sweat.  Your Perspiration Has An Emotional Story!

More Than Just Evaporative Cooling

McSwiney believed that there was much more to sweat than just evaporative cooling. He tried to find out if the act of sweating was good or bad. He found out that in some cases, we lose certain compounds that we do not want to lose through sweat. One of the prime examples is chlorides. Chlorine atoms attach themselves to the salt in our body, and it is highly essential in creating a pH balance in our bodies. Sweating too much and drinking too much leads to water poisoning in some cases, and there are circumstances that are caused due to sweating that cannot be avoided at all.

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