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You Know You’re an Bsc.IT Student when..

You Know You’re an Bsc.IT Student when.. 4

Ahhh, Bsc.IT! The noblest of man’s pursuits (doctors and engineers  can shut up for now!).

We have a divine gift, don’t we? The skill to intend to do something, end up with something entirely different and then casually declare that that’s what we wanted to do anyway. This is the inborn quality in each and every student pursuing Bsc.IT.


Anyway here’s a few pointer for all boys and girls that will let you know some known and some unknown facts of this treasure.

  1. Your aggregate percentage is inversely proportional to your current body weight.

2. Water serves your purpose for an energy drink, Gatorade, red bull or whatever you call.

3. Canteens seem more comfortable than classrooms.

4. Your seat in class changes as per the person conducting the lecture.

5. Tiffin is our life. Don’t you dare to disturb us while we are having our tiffin and most of the times while eating other’s tiffin?

6. You can’t remember the last time you completely filled a notebook with notes. The last few pages are filled with doodles, x and 0 games, the middle section has the time-table and the first page has the notes of day 1, lecture 1, nicely written and decorated. That’s it and that’s how it remains till the end of the semester.college_days-351x185

7. You have grown weary of hearing stories about late-bloomers like Bill Gates and Einstein. And you consider yourself  as one of their followers. Still you dream of one day becoming a genius like Steve Jobs.

8. You have read the previous years chapter wise distribution of marks number of times than the chapter themselves.

9. Your attendance sheet is more important to you than your own birth certificate. God forbid if anyone gets between you and signing attendance.

10. You thought you were a scholar student till somewhere between the time you got your CET/AIEEE/JEE scores and the first semester results.

11. You stare at the viva external examiner’s face trying to figure out if he is happy or disappointed with your answer.

12. You still don’t know the names of all your subjects in the semester, but you have memorized the menus of every food joint within a three-mile radius.

14. Your Id-card holds your weirdest photo till date.

15. Holidays are something you never want, but bunking lectures are always on your cards.


16. College fest, birthday events, night out’s are something you never want to miss during this period.

17. MacD, Ccd, Subways and KFC remains your favourite hang-outs, apart from college canteen.

18. Every day you struggle travelling in locals but still you are proud of them.

19. Train timings are much more important than your college lecture timings.

20. You hardly care about your stationery, because anyways you rely on your partners for your stationery items.

21. You start loving our neighbours question paper in the exam hall and criticize yourself for choosing a career in Bsc.IT. Still you wonder how stupid they are when you see them with their blank answer sheets. I guess, same is the case with them.

22. Last, but not the least, I would prefer to end it here with a few words of wisdom. Never count your days in college…make the days count!

Vishal Yadav

Written by Vishal Yadav

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