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Yes, Professor Snape Will “ALWAYS” Be Our Favorite. Here’s Why.

Yes, Professor Snape Will "ALWAYS" Be Our Favorite. Here's Why. 7

It’s been a week since Alan Rickman’s death, and both the wizard and muggle communities are still mourning over the irrevocable loss. There will never be another actor who can portray the sheer brilliance of our beloved Professor Snape with such precision and authenticity. Here’s reminiscing the memories of one of our favorite characters in the Harry Potter series and enlisting the reasons to why he deserves a place in our hearts forever.snape

1. An ideal lover

This obviously stands as the undisputed winner among all the points. How else do you manage to gain a top spot in “most romantic quotes of literature” by uttering just a single word. His “ALWAYS” is the dream of all love birds out there. Be it the change of his patronus to a doe, the same as that of his love – Lily or his relentless effort in saving the child he despised – Harry, for the sole reason of him being Lily’s child too besides James’; Snape is THE MAN to look up to for love goals. No character can portray “unconditional love” in such an immaculate manner as he did. He is the example of how true love can bring an absolute positive transformation in a man (well, technically a wizard). Love made our dear Professor Snape.giphy

2. An epitome of valour

Well, back off Voldemort and get over yourself. “He Who Must Not Be named” was the nightmare of every wizard and rightly so. The wizard community had never seen a villain so lethal ever. But, this one man challenged both Voldemort’s intellect and power and we can’t deny the fact that Voldemort possessed immeasurable amount of both these qualities. To fake being a confidant to the most dreaded wizard and play the role successfully till his last breath makes Professor Snape the best teacher of courage and strength.tumblr_lodfdtMm601qg44uto1_500

3. A combination of wit, wisdom and intellect beyond comparison

You don’t just become “The Half-Blood Prince” out of the blue. From his mind boggling puzzle for guarding the philosopher’s stone to his innovative notes that made Harry a genius at “Potions”, Snape surpassed the definitions of smart and canny. Well, it takes a genius to dupe the most powerful wizard and devise plans beyond human imagination to bring about his downfall.snape

Wisdom you ask? – “Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair” is what he tells Harry in his private occlumency classes.
Wit you ask? – “Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent.” Yes, you all can let out a “high-pitched giggle” now.snape

4. A stolid man uninterested in appreciation and certification from the world

Isn’t that an answer to how a perfect man should be? We don’t need to stress on the fact that the world today is all about pretentious people sacrificing their values for fame and recognition from strangers and acquaintances alike. And here was this man, alien to diplomacy, ready to be hated for who he was not, obscuring from the world all his remarkable traits. If you do not idolize this man, we know not who you do.
Quoting the book – “My word, Severus, that I shall never reveal the best of you?’ Dumbledore sighed, looking down into Snape’s ferocious, anguished face. PERIOD.snape

5. A self-made warrior

It is clearly implied that Snape had some tough times in his childhood. He was a half-blood and belonged to a poor family. His relationship with his father was an unpleasant affair and he grew up as a socially awkward and reserved child with little amenities at his disposal. He is also shown to be bullied by James and his group. He lost the love of his life to another man and ultimately to death. But all this didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest wizards playing a pivotal role in cleansing the wizard community from the greatest evil that could be witnessed.snape

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Written by Soumya Vatsa

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