WWE Finishers That Won’t Hurt Much (But Are Famous).

You know it, you saw it and many of you probably loved it (and many still do). It is the world of modern day gladiators fighting and showing off in style. It has insanely large fan following and people madly compete for the live show tickets for just one chance (okay, may be not everywhere, but they do). Yes, we are talking about the World Wrestling Entertainment or in short, the WWE.

As you may have guessed, this article will shed some light on some of the moves which are nice to see but not so impressive in inflicting pain. Now, those of you who say it’s all fake, yes I know, but I would rather say, it’s scripted reality than being totally fake like a movie or something and believe me, people do get hurt, they do retire out of injuries and they do go through pain (although everyone tries to keep each other safe) and things go wrong sometimes. Very well then, let’s start and let me tell you that this is an opinion-based list and some of you may not agree (it’s okay).

  • The Stone Cold Stunner

stunner wwe

Alright, don’t hate me when I say this but this move got to hurt stone’s ass more badly than the person taking it. I mean I like stone cold otherwise (and this move is a treat to watch) but seriously what is he doing with this!

  • 619 – Ray Mysterio

Rey-Mysterio-Hitting-The-Miz-With-619 wwe

Booyaka Booyaka Ray Mysterio….yeah fine. But when a 5’6″ person hopes to knock out someone with a…umm round kick between the ropes or whatever, what can you expect? And well many of the wrestlers don’t get knocked out and when you talk about the Undertaker, *giggles* every time I saw ray performing this move on him, he would get up (and mostly power bomb the upcoming flying ray).

  • The Cobra – Santino Marella

Santino-Marella wwe

He is like the official comedian of WWE. And the cobra! Well, the only way I believe you would probably go down with a pinfall after taking this would be not because of impact but the exhaustion due to laughing. And yet, it’s not so bad to watch (not really).

  • Starship Pain – John Morrison

jmorrisonstarshippain wwe

As catchy as the name sounds, the move’s actual delivery makes it very difficult and beautiful to watch BUT when you actually scale it on the degree of effectiveness, Jo Mo’s body mostly never touches his opponent that well. It’s like you kinda know it didn’t hurt but still love it. Overall a good sell for the WWE universe but just showy.

  • Attitude Adjustment- John Cena

showbiz-wwe-wrestlemanio-30-11 wweCena, as a diehard fan of yours people expect more (which I am not but have to say). More than just a slam out of fireman’s carry hold (that’s the move actually) as a finisher. Although your strength and ability to perform this on anybody makes it quite interesting (and to be honest, to the very heavy wrestlers, this will hurt and this is the part which makes it look good) but still as the face of WWE you should probably think of something better (or more exciting).

  • Honorary Mentions:

Skull Crushing Finale – The Miz, RKO – Randy Orton, Atomic Leg Drop – Hulk Hogan and many more.

This is not an exhaustive list and can never be because “to each their own”. But I am sure some of you will agree to this.

Have a nice day and don’t try these at home (but I assume, if you are really a fan, you already have an experience in various moves and arenas, so never mind).

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