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Work! work ! Its hilarious how many kinds of different feelings revolve around this one word. Few consider it as living hell, few as a passion. Some worship their work along with their bosses too 😛 So once we are adults, work is one place where we spend most of our lives at. It is very necessary to make your work place better to enhance your professional life. One cant work at clumsy place. We cannot avoid the targets we have to chase or the struggles we have to face to get the work done. With few tips about work etiquette can make our work life little lighter and more fun.

We have always loved our work place in front of the boss. But we all it is only in theory. Here are few things to actually improvise your work place so that you love to be there.


  1. We all know that work is sometimes hectic and you might deal with a crappy day. Usually Monday’s are horrible. It doesn’t mean you have to shout loud and make the same for others as well.


Keep it cool. You can use affirmation post-its or anything to calm yourself



  1. Greet your colleagues with a smile in the morning. It would give you and them a motivation to start your day positively.



  1. Help your co workers when they are in need of. Your support may boost up their confidence. Also don’t be too naive. Know who actually requires and who is being shirk.

  1. Plan an informal outing once in a while with your teammates. It helps to ease tensions between within i.e. if there are any. You can plan any fun activities which includes physical activity as most of us lead sedentary life in office.



Informal doesn’t mean a night club. It could be some place nice to actually    have a pleasant conversation so that you all can get to know each other better.

  1. Never allow yourself too much into the personal lives of your colleagues or advise them when not asked as they may lead into unwanted drama. Keep it professional

  1. Never talk about how much money is your teammate making as it is one of the strict HR rules that needs to be confidential.


  1. Be punctual. Your boss or whoever it is respects when you come on time and do your work sincerely. You don’t need to explain your dedication. Actions speak more than words.

  1. If you have to keep your mobile phone on, keep it vibration mode. No one needs to hear what your favorite song is.




  1. Make sure your team gets rewards not only the review meets. Everyone work must be appreciated as well.


  1. Don’t discuss your problems with co workers. It would be of no help. It would create more mess than what it was in the first place. Talk to your manager who actually can give you a solution.

11.  Respect your teammates work. Everyone has equal amount of work distributed and individual problems to take care of depending on their capability. Your boss is well aware of it. It’s better not to be judgmental


  1. Never give your attention to any toxic employees or indulge in any office politics. You might be digging your own pit.

  1. Know when to say no. Don’t be hesitated to avoid any work which you think you cannot handle or meet the deadlines. But make sure you don’t say no to everything. Be flexible, transparent and optimistic.

14 . Use please and Thank you. Manners never go out of style 😉

They say if you want your life to be happy, there must be a balance in your personal and professional life. After all, your profession because the major part of your finances comes from it and also it pays off your house rent your shopping therapy and many more. Isn’t it.  Work smart, be a good employee and earn more money 🙂


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Madhuri Naidu

Writing is my passion and motivation as it inspires my own soul as well as others. . Poet by heart . Blogger &  avid reader. Woman with Wanderlust.

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Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

: Writing is my passion and motivation as it inspires my own soul as well as others. . Poet by heart . Blogger & avid reader. Woman with Wanderlust.