Why Women Wear Makeup


Women all over the world take a lot of time to get ready. You’ll find most of them sitting in front of their mirrors, putting on makeup. Why do they do that? The process needs a lot of time, patience, and skill. Most women do not mind. All of that just to look good? That’s just one of the reasons. Makeup, when used properly, does make one look attractive. Inner beauty is really important, but one always notices the face first. Looking pretty won’t harm one, right?


Men are attracted to women who look young. Youthfulness indicates fertility. The definition of beauty may vary, but makeup can highlight the features which attract the opposite gender everywhere. Men are attracted to plump lips, big eyes, well-defined cheekbones and a symmetrical face. How can makeup help? Foundation is used to even skin tone, symmetry and also makes one look healthy. Red lipstick makes one look attractive. Eyes are made to look big by using eye shadow, mascara, and Kohl. Rouge is applied to highlight the cheekbones and make the woman look youthful and healthy.


Hence, we can conclude that makeup makes one sexually attractive to the other gender. Is that enough reason for women throughout the world to put so much effort? Not all women who wear makeup are trying to attract the opposite gender. They do it for themselves.

Makeup makes one feel pretty. When one looks good, they feel good. Makeup can boost one’s confidence. Many claim that people wear makeup to hide their insecurities. It’s the other way round. Makeup is used to highlight features, not hide stuff.

The world is divided between those who feel like makeup helps in the objectification of women and the others who say that wearing makeup is a woman’s choice. We see women judging each other based on the amount of makeup they wear or not wear.

Is the cosmetic industry telling us that women are not good enough and need to be fixed? Or maybe, they are just helping them live a happier life. It all depends on how people want to perceive the situation.


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