Why do Women Love to Shop?

Why do Women Love to Shop? 1

It is often said that women love to shop while men dislike it. Sounds stereotypical, doesn’t it? But then, in a shopping mall, we see excited women taking their time browsing through goods while their male partners follow them around, hoping for them to just buy something and get it over with.

Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist, claims that it is natural for women to love shopping. It’s all in our genes, he says. Before humans learned how to grow crops, they survived as hunters and gatherers. Men were assigned the work of hunting wild animals while women went looking for vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Men would go out to look for animals, kill the first animal they would see and bring it home as soon as possible.Why do Women Love to Shop? 2Women, on the other hand, would take their time to look through wild plants, select the edible and nutritious ones, discard the rest, and then bring it back home. Kruger’s theory suggests that shopping evokes the ‘gatherer’ instinct in women, and they act accordingly.

They feel the need to grab the best deal and then show it off to others. Men are the hunters, and they do not feel the need to look for the best. They simply buy the first thing they see and go back home.

Why do Women Love to Shop? 3

What role does our society play in this? Women have been assigned the task of taking care of the family. This requires them to stay at home while the men go out to earn money. To get away from the monotony, women go shopping. This is their opportunity to get out of their houses and socialize with others.

Shopping for the family is one of their domestic duties. Women buy clothes, groceries, and household items which need to be purchased on a daily basis. Men purchase the more expensive, more rarely purchased items which is one of the reasons why shopping for women is more time consuming and frequent. 

Why do Women Love to Shop? 4

Now that women are breaking free from their gender roles, these things are gradually changing. Women now do not have enough time to go for shopping even though they have more money now. Online shopping industry is growing and has been a huge help to women who may have succeeded in stepping out of their houses but still are in charge of the domestic purchases.

Why do Women Love to Shop? 5

Going out for shopping can be exhausting, but it can help. People feel more in control of their lives when they shop for life-changing events like having a baby, getting married, buying a new house, etc.

It is said that when people see goods that they want to buy, they visualize a better life which can actually reduce stress. Buying new dresses is said to be vain, but actually can make one feel more confident and positive. Window shopping is actually like sending your brain on a mini vacation. It is an activity which doesn’t make one think much and helps in relaxation.

This article only answers the question why women love to shop. You can be a woman who dislikes shopping or be a man who loves it. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot love.

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