Why We “Really” Fall In Love

Why We “Really” Fall In Love 1

There have been a lot of theories regarding love and as to why it happens but what I am going to tell you regarding love would really change your perspective. Humans have always survived, right from the age of Neanderthals, we evolved so that we can protect ourselves from the dangerous surroundings but if you think about it closely, you would find out that the man had nothing to do with evolution but it was something entirely different which was responsible for that.

Enter the most badass and the most powerful thing ever made by the nature, the human GENES. The basic drive for survival can be broken down and understood easily from the gene’s point of view. The sole purpose of a human gene is to survive and survive and SURVIVE. It doesn’t think about anything else except surviving. Now let me explain it to you as to what role do genes play with us falling in love, just bear with me for a few more sentences.loveThe genes knew that Neanderthals were nothing but a mess, as the only thing they knew was to fight and get into trouble, the only reason why Neanderthals survived for so many years was that they were able to reproduce effectively and were making the genes survive. But the human genes are really smart for they knew that sooner or later, these monkeys would surely be in a big trouble and can end them for good. Finally the genes kick started the evolution. This time focus was more on the brain development because they knew the consequences of bad development. Homo sapiens came into existence; the new humans were really smart as they made vaccines and houses thus protecting themselves from various dangers of the nature.
The only thing now they needed to add in the humans was a drive to multiply and now we have crossed the mark of six billion people. The biggest tool in the bag of tricks of the genes was making humans attracted towards each other and thus serving their purpose to multiply.

1The wibbly wobbly feeling we get on seeing our crush is mainly due to the hormonal imbalance triggered due the intrinsic nature of our genes. The reason we get attracted to good looking people is that the genes know that they will produce better offspring. I know this may sound harsh, but let me tell you something more about the nobility of genes. It’s very nice of them that they chose love for the reproduction mechanism; the world would have been a crazy place to live if we would still have been reproducing like the Neanderthals.

3This time genes had chosen a grand structure so that we can act in a civilized way and multiply. It’s because of the majesty of Genes only that we are able to enjoy music and read poetry; genes are only responsible for making various relations among us, for they knew very well that all these factors will ensure their survival. You could also argue that as to why genes had to do all this work when they could just had simply evolved us to a body that never dies. To this question the answer could be given by seeing the total population of the earth, as far as genes are concerned, there is no need to kick start another evolution as the humans have done a commendable job in terms of multiplying and ensuring their survival, also the process of evolution takes thousands of years and who know what these masters have stored next for our future. But as far as humans are concerned the genes don’t matter because for them:

Love is a disease, and the loved one is the only medicine
(African Proverb)



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