Why People Still Love The Pulsar 200 NS?

Why People Still Love The Pulsar 200 NS? 4

pulsar 200nsBajaj had recently discontinued the Pulsar 200NS (Carburettor version) series from its showcase. Here are some reasons why people still love it!


  • Honda CBR is for power, KTM Duke is for racing and NS is for stunting.

    Yes, that’s right! These flagship models have been christened with certain purposes. As far as the 200NS goes it was born for stunting. The rising stunting group GhostRiderz are the official ambassadors, and they chose 200NS over others due to its power and manoeuvrability.In the case of the price tag too, it is one of the few bikes in the 200cc category which is under 1 Lakh. (Apart from Pulsar 220 & upcoming Apache 200)

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  • The bike which gets even better with mods.

    stands for Naked Sports, and we can see from the design, it being chopped down to the basic level, keeping the aggressive looks. This enabled fans to add custom paint jobs, mufflers and projector headlamps, which complements it even more.


  • The Best of Bajaj in one bike

As the NS was the flagship model from Bajaj, it contained all Bajaj had to offer at that time. With the patented triple spark technology if offered a fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl that was a big deal for a 200cc bike in that category.

  • Love for the mono-tone: Mustard Yellow

 From the history of the Pulsar series, the demon black version is the most sold and Bajaj has a black version in every variant of the series.But when the NS was introduced in 2011, a new tone, the Mustard Yellow entered, complementing to the styling the new tone was a huge hit.

Later when Bajaj introduced the Dual-tone variants the Yellow was ditched and two models with body (not so catchy) graphics were introduced. Another ‘fail‘ move from the company. This too affected the sales of the brand.

  • Pulsar AS, a rip-off of NS

Bajaj for the festival season had shut down the production of NS (August 2015) to concentrate on the semi-faired version of NS called the 200 AS & 150 AS from the Bajaj Chakan Plant. A major rip-off from the NS. Bajaj ended up making haters for ripping off the NS.

  • Lovers all over the world for 200NS (a.k.a The Wolf)

Bajaj had introduced the Pulsar 200NS, not only to the domestic market but for foreign market as well. This led to the formation of riding groups such as The Lycans & Naked Wolveswho conduct adventure rides for the NS enthusiasts.

In recent news, Bajaj has released a statement regarding the release of the FI (Fuel Injection) version of the NS by early 2016, along with updated looks and body graphics, the new NS will share the refined engine of the new RS200. The FI version was introduced early in the Indonesian market and through this, update the total bhp of the bike rises from 23 to 24.
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  1. Yes sir absolutely you are right and I have been waiting for tis bike from past 7months and refuse to buy any other bike…waiting for 200NS FI Ver…..
    I even started a page demanding it back….has the company officially stated about FI variant…..

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