Why Our Parents ACTUALLY had a Better Childhood Than Us

It’s probably been a gazillion times since my parents shared their precious childhood memories and eventually led to a speech on how this generation will never really understand what simple childhood joys meant. But to think for real, it’s true for most parts that they had a more real childhood than most millennium children shall ever have.

  • Their school lives were very different from what present students see. There was no advanced technologies, no internet, no Google, no threats of plagiarism in projects. They even had rather less school hours and the pressure upon them was comparatively lighter. People were more #chill and actually enjoyed life.
Source: http://www.continentalhospitals.com
  • They played really cool games and were physically fitter than average people today.
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  • Their regular diet hadn’t been westernized then. Their food mostly were made of local origin and were comparatively healthier than most fast-food that people so indulge in today.
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They were mostly street foods and the prices were minimal, plus I’m sure you must be acquainted with the “climbing on trees and plucking the freshest of fruits and eating them first hand” stories. (some call it… trespassing, but people were rather used to it back then)

  • No Social Media meant no “faking life”. Everything they did was with real motives and not to show it off on screens and on the internet. Also, people did not have to worry about not meeting the face they saw before deciding to meet. Human relationships were much enriched and closer than today.
Source: http://www.owlkids.com


  • They did not know the concept of casual flings as teenagers and were more particular about their emotions and the way they felt about people. They knew more about love, from their families, siblings or even for that “One and Only”.
Source: http://bsbhawana830.blogspot.com

Basically, they belonged to a simpler time, free from the obligations of being socially accepted (social media-lly accepted) and belonged to the more down-to-earth era. They were not exposed to the caprice of adulthood so soon in life unlike the children today. They had a longer and more memorable childhood, every moment of which justified the word itself.

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