10 Things That Make Indian Brides Absolutely Beautiful!

A girl, right from the beginning starts making plans for her wedding. Be it jewelry or dress, she plans it all. And she’s always been reminded that her prince charming will come in a white horse and will take her away, magical right? Yes this all happens. The groom comes riding a horse and take his beautiful bride away. India is a magical place and the weddings here are a huge affair. People spend crores of rupees just to make the moment right. But what makes these weddings special? You’re guessing it right; it’s none other than the beautiful brides. Let’s have a look why these brides are so special.


Haldi which is known to have numerous benefits to human beings is also used for beautification. It’s a pre-wedding ritual, which takes place just one day before the wedding day. It leaves the skin healthy and glowing. It is said that the bride is not allowed to leave the home after this ceremony, till their wedding muharat.



I can bet every girl loves the mehandi art. And when it’s for bride its importance grows even more. A bride is imperfect without mehandi, it completes her. It is representation of the bond of matrimony and signifies love and affection between the couple. It adds more magnetism to the bride.


  1. CHURA

I personally love chura a lot and it’s a must have for my wedding too! It is a set of 21 bangles in red and white. This signifies her status of being a newly married woman. Wearing it brings prosperity and fertility to the married couple.


Kalire are tied to the bride by her family and friends and are a symbol of their love. There’s an interesting that happens after the kalire are tied to the bride. The bride makes all her friends stand in a row and she shakes her hand on their heads, if any part of the kalire fall on head of any girl she’ll be married soon. So those who are in a rush to get marry, this thing might just work. 😉 I want those too. 😀


The lehenga or the wedding dress is one of the important things for the bride. These can start from a few thousands to pretty good lakhs. Generally it’s from the groom’s family but some brides choose to buy it herself. A bride looks ravishing in a lehenga.



Who can forget jewelry and especially when it’s a wedding? Bridal jewelry differs from the normal jewelry as it is more beautiful plus heavy. Even if the bride wears just a single piece of diamond around her neck, the whole crowd will follow her because the sparkle she gets after wearing it cannot be compared.

  1. BINDI

The bride wears it between her eyebrows. It is a symbol of married life. It is essential of a bride and it adds more beauty to her.


Sindoor or vermilion is a red colored powder that is applied by the groom. There are many women today who do not apply sindoor but I kind of find it a necessity because the red color itself is so charming and it looks perfectly beautiful when a woman wears it.

  1. GAJRA

Each and every Indian bride wears a gajra on her wedding. I don’t know much of a reason for this but I can say it makes the hair of bride look more traditional. Generally jasmine flowers are used but now a day’s other flowers like rose, orchids can also be used.



Nose ring or nath is a part of Indian tradition which every bride follows. It gives a royal look to bride and completes her appearance.


One most simple and classic reason for Indian brides to be beautiful is that they are very stylish and smart. They know how to look beautiful in attire, be it formal or casual. They perfectly carry a nice one-piece dress with chura on. They are simply magical.

The bride gets a natural glow on their face during all the ceremony and rituals. And when that glow is mixed with the above few things, viola! A magic spell is created and the bride is produced. The above things make a Indian bride completely different from others and more graceful.

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