Why Asylum Seekers Come To The UK And France

There are various advantages in seeking asylum in UK and France. People who seek Asylum in UK or France are entitled to proper accommodation and there are plans of special housing structures being built to grant asylum seekers refuge. In both the UK and France you are entitled to an allowance which will allow you to pay for your food, toiletries and clothing. The UK also pays a one-time maternity allowance depending on the age of the child.

Proper Healthcare And Education Benefits

immigrant Why Asylum Seekers Come To The UK And France

The Benefits to The Asylum Seekers

The healthcare and education of the asylum seekers are also taken care of. France also provides insurance options to the employees if their incomes are low and if they won’t be able to pay their medical expenses with the allowance they are provided. Work permits are also provided to people who seek asylum in both countries if they migrate from outside the EU territory.

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