Why Are More and More Women Paying for Prague Escorts?

Why Are More and More Women Paying for Prague Escorts? 1

Purchasing the time of a Prague escort may get you a whole lot more than just sex. And all you have to do is ask.

More women than ever before are turning toward the comfort and company of professionals, and we’re not talking about the thunder from down under. Behind closed doors, women are more and more often choosing the company of the industries finest…women.

After a startling confession by one of Britain’s most celebrated female singer/songwriters, the world started taking notice of this trend. Lily Allen, a self-reporting heterosexual, admitted to sleeping with female escorts while on tour in 2014. All while sharing a marital bed with husband Sam Cooper, with whom she is now divorced. This sordid confession may have  raised the eyebrow of many a Brit fan, but Prague escorts weren’t shocked.

Prague escorts tell all

Hana, a philosophy student by day, and one of the finest Prague escorts by night, explains to us why more women, of any sexual orientation, are seeking out her services.

“I think what most people get wrong in the first place is they believe Prague escorts only provide sex.” Hana tells us that it’s rare that she will have any client, male or female, that only wants a quickie. “I think that, more than sex, most people are looking for a type of intimacy.”

Intimacy and trust are key elements to any loving relationship. Elements that, woefully, few people have access to. According to a study conducted in 2012, roughly 19% of men, and 12.3% of women admit to having had sex outside of their marriages.

These number can easily give us false reassurance, however. Because they represent partners who report engaging in sex only, and discount failed or dysfunctional relationships that have been tarnished due to “emotional infidelity”.

Prague escorts and emotional freedom

“I have had quite a few clients that do not hire Prague escorts for sex at all, but instead hire them for the comfort and emotional security that they can get from spending the night with a seasoned escort.

Many people feel more comfortable confiding in strangers, and what better stranger than one you pay for their time. Hana says that a large part of her job isn’t just keeping her body in shape, but her mind as well. “Knowing how to really listen to someone is a huge part escorting. Many people will hire Prague escorts just to have someone to spend time with. For most of my clients, it’s one of the few parts of their lives where they feel like they are really being heard.”

Prague escorts and intimacy

Hana admits that the large majority of her clients are, in fact, male. As well as readily admits to the fact that she engages in sexual acts with almost all of her clients. But she also confides that she has noticed a shift in market trends, and she’s not the only one. “Several of my co-workers and I talk regularly. We have all noticed, that within the last few years, we have been performing more intimate experiences for all of our clients at their request. Girlfriend experiences and female clients are starting to saturate our schedules.”

So what gives? Why suddenly are hookers acting less like the prostitutes of the past, and more like the therapists of our present? “I think it’s very freeing for most people. Being able to talk with someone who you believe couldn’t possibly judge you. Or at least knowing that you are talking with someone who has no investment in your life. You can tell them your fantasies and frustrations without worrying about whether or not they will be offended by them.”

Prague escorts and fantasy

Another reason more women are hiring escorts abroad is that it fulfills a fantasy that they otherwise could never realize. Engaging in no-strings-attached casual sex is very difficult for most women. “I think it’s really hard just to go up to a beautiful woman and say ‘hey, I’ve always wanted to know what having sex with a woman is like. How would you like to be my fantasy for the evening?’ Most women would never do this. And many who want the experience are disinterested, or unable, to go along with the emotions that are still involved with casual sex.” Hana tells us.

Which makes a lot of sense. While women do have casual sex, they engage in in far less often than their male counterparts. To circumvent those awkward morning moments, or to evade the guilt of not calling someone the next day, women can easily hire an escort. “When you hire Prague escorts, you know that you’ll never have to see them again if you don’t want to. You’re also automatically aware that they won’t expect you to call them. It’s a much simpler way to experience the joys of sex without all of the emotional confusion.”

In the end, Prague escorts don’t just sell sex. They sell intimacy, fantasy, and attention. Which, male or female, is something that anyone could enjoy.

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