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Who Is The Robber?

Who Is The Robber? 4

I, Rob Xavier was the best police officer and detective in town. There was no crime, which can go unseen, and no criminal, which could go uncaught in my reign of rule. I was by far the best officer the world could ever have. I was mentored by Sherlock Holmes and I have read every book written on crimes. I was a prodigy who could solve difficult criminal cases at the age of 14 while other officers of 34 years and with 10 years of experience rattled their brain to achieve to the first clue of the case.

My rule was ending now. A robber named Mike roamed free around the city. No one had seen him or no one had heard his voice. He was like darkness. He would come in the dark and then vanish when lights were on. He had a strange pattern of stealing things. He would only steal the objects, which were stolen during the first year of my role as a police officer. The objects then would never be found by anyone. Probably he burnt them down or drowned them in the water bodies. He left many clues. So many that it would confuse me and trail me to a wrong path. In fact, his every clue seemed to be fake. His pattern was easily understood by everyone and he had a definite style of stealing. He would only steal in the dark when there would be no electricity or light around. Cameras were a toy for him. He would never be caught on them. Strange as it can be, he would never switch off the cameras although he would make sure that there is no light in the room. The darkness made the cameras as ineffective to catch him as I was now.


My thought process was disturbed by my colleague. Ross said, “Switch on the TV now! Mike has put up a message on a piece of paper at 24 Baker Street.” I rushed to the TV set and switched it on. The image said “Watson museum’s red diamond on 18th of October exactly at 19:00.” This was printed on a piece of paper and mailed to every news channel. After this was telecast, another image came to the TV. It was a slap on my face. It said, “Do or Die. If you catch me on 18th, I will never do another robbery and if you fail to catch me, you have to retire on the spot, leave the town, and never be indulged in any type of crime solving hereafter. If you accept this, come on the national TV and say it!”

I had no choice but to accept his offer. I rushed to the nearest TV channel, Viacom 18. They were expecting me already. I sat on the chair and said on live TV “I accept your challenge and would leave the town on 18th itself if I am unable to catch you, Mike.” The news spread like wild fire. I was already 55 and had barely five years of service left. This case made me serious about my post retirement plans and I had already made plans for it. There was nothing left now but to wait for the D-day.

It was 18th of October. I was at the museum since morning, checked every entrance, and remembered the blueprint of the museum. Every entrance was secured. There was no way that the robber could enter. The day went by fast, I made sure that the museum, and diamond was safe and secure. The diamond could not be taken anywhere else, as the museum was the only place, which had the special conditions and lighting to sustain it.


The clock ticked 18:59. Exactly at 19:00, the lights went off. 19:01 the lights came back but the diamond was gone. The security checked every entrance and exit points. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Neither a clue left nor a thing changed. We checked the cameras. No, the cameras were not working. After five full hours of searching and investigating, I realized that my time as an officer had ended. I had to leave the town. I went to Madrid as per my retirement plan.

My house was very beautiful and I lived a peaceful life until the day I died. I remember that the lights went off and my wife rushed towards me with full pace. The next moment, lights came and the last words I heard were “I am the dominant personality, Rob!” and I saw myself with the red diamond in the mirror and my wife smirking behind me.

Harsh Thakkar

Written by Harsh Thakkar

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