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Who Named The God That I Pray To?

Who Named The God That I Pray To? 4

We humans adapt, understand and accept the things and situations that we find convenient. Each one of us is very much aware of the truth: that we did not know who God was, until we gradually learnt to believe whatever had the most impact upon us.

I am inside the womb:

I am a soul being recognized in a human body which is giving me a form in her womb. She has kept me inside her for nine months and my soul has a little boundary of its own today.


I have come out of the womb to a bigger place and I see myself change. My soul is covered with bones and the bones are covered by skin with flesh inside. This skin has been given a color and different features. The amount of flesh beneath my skin, the length of my bones, the color of my skin, my voice, the differences in my facial features and my genetic codes make me a significant human body altogether. I have a heart. My heart carries emotions of love, sorrow, anger which yet again follow a number of feelings inside me. All of these things make me a different body.

I opened my eyes:

I see many other babies have come into this world with me. They too share the same story as mine. Each baby has distinct, although tiny, features.


I am five months old:

I have been given a name which signifies the gender that I belong to. I see my friends play with dolls, some play with bats and balls. They said: some are girls, some are boys. Yet we all have only one home which is our mother.GOD

Each one of us here crawls back to the mother whose womb has kept us safe for nine entire months. The womb which gave me this body. Each one of us here belongs to a mother.

I am five years old:

I am learning to pray. I see that we have different prayers, but we all have a God. God with different names. I don’t know why have they differentiated God with respect to religion, name, prayer, mythology and stories. It was not before I was taught that we all have different ways of living that I learnt to differentiate among my friends. I started differentiating and judging only when I was taught to or told to do so.

PRAYERS My soul was formless before it found a body, God is formless before you gave him a body. God is one. Why are you teaching me to differentiate among so many Gods when I know we pray to the same one? All my friends feel God, but we never named him.


We are all innocent until we start learning the things that the world teaches us. Don’t you think we all belong to one race – the HUMAN RACE ? Being born in different places, with differences in living and lifestyle, doesn’t make us any different from one another. Our beliefs still remain the same.

The only form of respect one can show to God is respecting the belief that each one of us holds and accepting them as manifestations, not differences. 



Written by Bhavyashree

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