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Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You?

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 4

Here is a list of 8 types of drunkards you can absolutely relate to!

  1. The Drunk And The Proud

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 5

They are the ones who will just keep drinking with no stoppage at all and would get the whole world around them to know it. The Punjabi “Gabrus” are famous for this kind of behavior. They would also get their dancing boots on and you never know they might even challenge the master ‘Michael Jackson’!!! under the effect of alcohol. “Neat Patiala shahi peg” only alcoholics falling under this category can afford to try.

2. The Undercover Drunk

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 6

He is the one who will get drunk to an all time high but will never admit it. They will keep on making excuses for every drooping step or any absurd behavior, giving their best not to let people around them get an idea about their actual situation.

3.The Drama Queen

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 7

She is that girl in the group who instantly turns into a Bollywood monster after taking a ‘pegg’ of whiskey. She will keep on creeping about her boyfriend to her friends and would literally lose her senses. She is the spoilsport in the party, so next time think twice before inviting her to a drinks party. Volunteers!! Please go and drop her back to her house.

4. The Sloopy Hot Miss

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 8

Well she is the one responsible for manifold increase in the population! She just wants to do something physical with her opposite sex after getting drunk. Getting obsessed at its peak, no wonder results are frightening and undesirable .

5. The Philosopher

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 9

He is the one who turns into an Einstein or Aristotle , giving his piece of advice to literally everyone around him; from a bellboy to the man in the Parliament. Whether interested or not , get ready for a motivational speech from the ‘Drunk Philosopher’.

6. Bottle Charmer

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 10

No one matters more to him than his liquor bottle . His best friends, the bar dancers and even his own family gets white-washed from his mind and he starts to confess that the liquor bottle is the only purpose form him to live his life. He even dreams of having little bottle cap children! May God Bless Him and his bottle.

7. The Buzz Kill

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 11

He is that troublesome guy in the gang  who would keep on lamenting about one thing or the other in his life. To him, this world is vicious and full of obstacles. Under depression, he would keep on blaming others and try to justify himself in any possible way!

8.The Carebear

Which Type Of A Drunkard Are You? 12

He is the super-happy guy!! Hugging, kissing and showering praises on every person around him for no reason at all , one can identify him from distance. Phrases like “Yaar, you are the best”,, “You are the sexiest girl I have ever met”,  “Oh Man!, you are my brother” are all vivid examples reflecting his situation.



Well, I actually don’t want anyone to fall in any of the above categories made by me  because drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Of course an alcoholphile’s friend can only tell which category he/she falls into because under the effect of alcohol one’s situation is similar to that of Ramesh-Suresh ( the Cadbury five star chocolate heroes) with an appropriate tagline of “Jo piye kho Jaaye” in this case.

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