Wheels of Wish- A Unique Story By A Brand New Author


On the warm Sunday evening of March 20, 2016, a new author was launched into our reading world, Bibhu Datta Rout. With that, came his unique first book (Oh no! not a romantic one) Wheels of Wish.

book cover

The book revolves around the story of an investment banker who has been charged with double murder. There’s more! This story actually starts with the construction of the famous Sun Temple, over 800 years ago, when a boy had committed suicide while fixing the magnetic idol in the temple. Yes! That’s right! 800 years ago. And all of this mystery and murders and everything starts unfolding in the year 2008!

A mix of mythology and thriller, this book is very aptly labeled as “Time Thriller” and couldn’t have come at a better time. While we’re all trying to find our way out of the “new age” masala romantic authors, this book comes as a breath of fresh air.

The book was launched by the actress, Tisca Chopra and published by the online short story portal storymirror.com.

bibhu tisca

Storymirror is one of the country’s leading short story portal, with competitions every month and the highest prize money ever. With over 3000 writers and over 40,000 stories, poems and illustrations in English, Hindi, and Odiya, their user base is increasing day by day. Their founder, Devendra Jaiswal says that they want to create a creative ecosystem for every writer in the country and want to reduce all the hassle an author goes through when he/she wants to publish their work. It is the only publishing house in the country that gives their author a royalty of 30% which is by far the highest anyone has ever offered. The process requires zero money and gives full freedom to the author.


The Taare Zameen Par actress had said, stories will always sell. The kind of world we look for in real life can always be found in stories. The characters, the emotions, and this website is one of the best platforms one can have. Belonging to a family of writers, when my husband had decided to publish his book, we were so confused as to how to go about it. I’m really glad places like these are making it easier for everyone.


The author’s words:

“I’ve been a reader all my life. Once I’d written a short story about a major incident that I’d come across, and everyone seemed to love it. That day, I thought, if I can write a short story, why not a book! And that’s how this all started. Being an investment banker myself, I wanted the lead character to be one too. And being from Odisha, I wanted the story to happen there. But then, I realized, being from that place, how little I know about my state! And hence, I decided to research and then after a year and a half; I was able to finish this book. I realized that every time you write something, you don’t write it yourself, your characters write themselves. I’ve ended up crying at 4 in the morning because something bad happened to my character in the story, I’ve become agitated at the things they’ve gone through. The book consumed my wholly, and I’m so glad it did. It made me know myself better. It made me grow. I’d only say that if you ever have a story, do start writing it, because, in the end, the characters, and the story will shape itself. And what you’ll have in the end, will be beautiful.”

Now, doesn’t all of this sound amazing? How about a trailer of this book!

Watch! Wheels of Wish….

Awesome, isn’t it?

Order the book right away!



Apurva Jain

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