‘Whatsapp Genie’ – Pilot Project for Next Leap in Information Technology

'Whatsapp Genie' - Pilot Project for Next Leap in Information Technology 7


Sherlock-Holmes-search_550  Most of us, in fact all of us, while watching Sherlock would have marveled at his intellectual regime, especially when he take out his mobile and make a quirky quick search on something that eventually helps him solve the cases. Even though we got internet, unlimited data, many of us finds it difficult to imitate Sherlock– firstly because all of us cannot have a mind palace, secondly because we don’t use the internet in the way he does.

Let’s keep Sherlock aside for a while.

Mark Zuckerberg states that ‘In this world of fast forwarding changes, only biggest risk is staying unchanged’.

We want easy access, instant information, less data consumption, handy network services. So it is almost time to think what’s next to Google?whatsapp-tfj

Now a days people prefer handheld devices and use services provided through mobile applications than websites. E-commerce giants like Flipkart is trying to move completely to mobile apps. When Facebook bought Whatsapp, it ran a test to check the percentage of users using Whatsapp instead of  Facebook. One night, for an hour all Whatsapp servers went down. People went mad and came to Facebook to update statuses regarding this server shutdown.

What if a mobile application that is already popular worldwide provides a search engine feature?

Here comes a new service being provided wholly through Whatsapp. A week before, all the Whatsapp groups got crammed up by this service. It’s called ‘Wiki’. Wiki acts as a mini search engine.

All we have to do is add that particular contact number to any of our groups. Once added, we will receive a message confirming that we have activated wiki services. Then the game begins.

  • Features

Features of Wiki services ranges from Search engine, News Updates, Quiz, Hangman game, Cricket updates etc for now. Still there are lots of things needed to be explored.

If you want to know about Black hole, type ‘Wiki Black Hole’ and send in the group. If you want to know about black arts, send ‘Wiki Black Arts’. It gives a short description over almost anything and everything we search for, making it easy to read and understand in few seconds. If we search about any personalities it gives us result along with a picture of that personality.

It gives numerous channels to subscribe for news updates, cricket updates etc.

                Wiki keeps track of individual quiz scores and provide rankings based on it.



                People got afraid at first. They thought it’s a way to steal our information. Adding unknown contact number to our Whatsapp groups is like accommodating a thief and giving him a bed in our locker room. The fear is understandable. Wiki service is yet unreliable. Stakes are high that this service may be fraudulent.

Few even argue that this service is trying to make us addicted to Whatsapp. I think people are already engrossed in Whatsapp without Wiki and that using this service will only help them gain some information along with it.


  • Assumptions apart

dd9c5eaf236f85d5bbb6b4b3269fb76dDespite all the confusions, this service acts like a mini Genie in our hands which says ‘You name it, I have it’. After all it’s information age- people crave for information and knowledge. It’s a handy tool to those who perceive it as a leap in the information era while it’s total annoyance to those who think this is yet another way to grab our attentions from the day to day world.

Here after, if you get stumbled upon anything while reading or writing or wandering or even solving any murder cases, like Sherlock just take out your mobile, open Whatsapp and type ‘Wiki _____’.

What do you think?

Written by Maha


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