5 Weird Ice Cream Flavours

While chocolate and vanilla continue to be universally liked ice cream, some ice cream enthusiasts have decided to cross the line, or rather test the limits by introducing quirky and sometimes just downright weird ice cream flavors. There has eevn come up a whole new line of ice cream toppings which include cinnamon, coconut, certain leaves and crisped bacon as opposed to the traditional choco chip cookies. While ice cream marketers from all over the world have come up with hundreds of different flavors, we list 5 of the weirdest:

Crocodile Egg Ice Cream

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With the trend beginning at Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in the Philippines, the creator, and owner Bianca Dizon claims that the product is in very high demand among their customers! It utilizes Crocodile eggs instead of a chicken’s. She stated the eggs are usually those who didn’t hatch and claim they’re more nutritious than others because of their high protein content and low cholesterol.

Bacon Ice Cream

baconsundae-531x550 ice cream

Known American cook and baker David Lebovitz came up with the idea of candied bacon ice cream. He candied them with brown sugar and then blended them with cinnamon, vanilla and a pinch of rum!


Fig & Fresh Brown Turkey Ice Cream

dsc01579 ice cream

We know that this sounds like some breakfast delicacy in an exotic hotel, but it is an invention by New York’s Laboratorio del Gelato. And people are digging it! They have created over 200 weird and quirky flavors so far and served it in gelato form.

Horse-meat Ice Cream

Ice-cream-Horse-Meat ice cream

Japan was not to be left far behind as they went ahead and started the horse-meat ice cream trend. Markets in Tokyo sell Basashi Ice along with chunks of blended, but raw horse-meat in it.

Octopus Ice Cream

enhanced-buzz-16493-1375270399-3 ice cream

However, the Japanese don’t yet seem to content with their cactus, wasabi, and riceball flavors, they created the octopus flavored ice cream. Sold under the name of Taco Aisu, it draws ice cream enthusiasts from all around who claim it’s lean and therefore healthier. If the chewiness gets too much for you, Japan has also introduced the squid flavored one for the adventurous.

Are you game to try them all?

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