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Ways To Not Care Anymore

Ways To Not Care Anymore 4

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you are so broken that you might get confused whether to feel and care or not. Some people will give you sympathy and some people will prey on your weakness. You don’t want unnecessary sympathy and neither do you want to satisfy the people who prey on others’ broken state. This is the time when you should stop caring about unnecessary things and give life a new prospective.

If you want to stop caring about what others think about you then you should change how you see yourself. No one can hurt you more than you can hurt yourself.

  • Stop caring about what others think about you. Stop caring if others say you don’t have a model-like figure, stop caring if others say you are not perfect, their criticism won’t hurt you if you stop caring about what they think and start caring about what you think. It’s your life, start thinking only positive things about yourself and you will realise that you don’t care about others anymore.



  • Do what you want to do even if it’s something embarrassing. Don’t give a f*ck about what people say, or what you think they might say. People will always judge you no matter what, cause frankly speaking their life sucks so badly that they need to pick on others to make themselves feel superior and happy.17099673554676185_j84uavb7_c


  • Stop being afraid to say what you want to say. If you believe you are right then say it out loud. Tell the truth even if it might get you some enemies. If someone else is getting hurt then stand up for them and for everyone who gets hurt. If someone is being hurt by your actions then that is the time you have to start caring about the effects of your actions on others. If someone is trying to hurt you then ignore them or give them a piece of your mind.

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  • If you are done with the bullsh*t others are giving you, then take a break and travel to the places you have always wanted to travel, relax and breathe some fresh air. Stop caring about all the bad things of your life by diverting your mind on the positive aspects of the life. Want to visit old haunted buildings? Then go visit them. Want to eat experimental food? Then go eat them. Want to wear out-of-fashion clothes? Go wear them. Someone is breaking your heart? Go break their valuable things. Tired of your boring life? Go do something really crazy. Feeling old? Go start playing with little kids and recollect your childhood. Want some peace? Go on a long vacation. Want some enlightenment? Join on a spiritual journey and unfold the secrets of living. Want a break? Listen to your favourite music and dance around the room. Want some release? Lock yourself in the bedroom and cry out loud, cry till your tears dry out and your heart is light.

images Do things that make you happy, you will slowly stop caring about anyone else. Smile a little, smile a lot and you will learn what life is all about.  images (1)


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