Break-ups have become so common. Like something happens and rather than solving, simplest solution people come up with is breaking up. Relationships are precious, don’t just let it go because of some misunderstandings. You have to build your relationship in ways that it can live through thick and thin. There are some basic qualities which every relationship should have in order to be a long lasting one:

Trust is the pillar of every kind of relationship. Trust is THE factor which can keep relationships alive in difficult times. Jealousy, insecurity, disappointments do come but if you have a great trust level then nothing can make your relationship weak. It’s possible to have love without trust, but where there is trust, love will definitely come and this will last long.

5 Hacks To Grow Your Relationship Stronger 1


  • Honesty.
    Be honest with your Partner. There is nothing like half honest. Its always being honest or fake. Whatever it is, be transparent about it with your partner. Your relationship with your partner should be like water, totally transparent. This will make the relationship stronger so that nothing can break it.
  • Communication.
    This is perhaps the most important component which every relationship should have. Communicate. Speak up whatever you feel. Share things with your partner. Without speaking if you expect your partner to understand you then please come out of the fairy tale.

5 Hacks To Grow Your Relationship Stronger 2

  • Prioritize.
    Set your priorities. When it’s time to focus on your work or study, you should do that with undivided attention. And your partner has to understand that you do have work to do. Your partner should understand that you both are each other’s part of life and not the whole. Prioritize the things in your life, this will give you a clear picture of what exactly you have to do and want.
  • Independence.
    Love should inspire you to grow in your own space. Yes, you are partners but you both should have and respect each other’s personal spaces. In taking any kind of decision advise your partner, and do not make it mandatory for him/her to take the same decision. The end decision should be their own. Be supportive.


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