In a world of the cool ones, misfits, rebels, nerds and the common people, some place has to be left for a bunch of guys or maybe even a few girls. This coveted position has been uniquely decorated as ‘PERVERTS’. They are so called because when normally our blood flows to our brain, their blood flows to significant body parts. Well, that’s the way I see it. Here are 11 ways to know if one is a pervert.

  1. Leering. I don’t need to be explaining this. But to the hard-skulled damsels out there, a guy is the exemplary pervert if he gawks openly at all the short skirts and tight T-shirts strutting around. You would feel that they have stronger X-ray eyes than Superman.  Pervert
  2. Touching inappropriately. If a guy is totally into you, he makes excuses to grab your arm, hug you, kiss you on the cheek, etc. Public display of affection is not wrong unless it is kept PG rated. Anyway. Mark my words, human friends, a guy is a pervy if he touches your private parts in the public. Either the guy does not care of your reputation or he is that desperate. In both ways, he is a pervert.   kit
  3. Talking about sex is a common thing among friends. Funny as it is, we move to the next likely-dumb topic. Seriously, people, don’t you have anything better to do than just sit around and talk? Just kidding. A pervert is someone who keeps on talking about sex or gives nasty comments not even stopping to care or notice the uncomfortable stance of the listener. Uggh!
  4. Flashing private parts. Won’t you flaunt your personal assets when you are really proud of them? Umm… no, I don’t think so. Moving so swiftly.images
  5. Does your ‘friend’ in question sends random pictures of his private parts? Because literally speaking, that is the best way to end an appetite. Or maybe even empty your stomach. Girls, unfriendly him. Block him. Do whatever you need to avoid him. He is a potential paramaniac.   images (3)
  6. Normally people put passwords and locks on their apps. But, think about it, why would people put locks on their gallery unless they have something to hide? I am not meaning that you should go all nosy and mind other people’s galleries. I’m just saying that they might have a stashed collection of nude pictures or a lot of porn videos. Who is more addicted to porn than a pervert?
  7. An oh-not-so-close friend of yours addresses you intimately such as “baby, I’ve been thinking about you” or “sweetheart, I love the way you move”, what would you think? People, I’ll just say that this is an unintentional psychological move made solely for the purpose of averting women. Guess what, it worked.
  8. Is the person of interest been a Peeping Tom? If yes, do I have to seriously tell what he is?   images (1)
  9. Have you ever, at least once, gone to a banquet or a feast which has mind blowing varieties of delicious cuisines and decided that you want to take a bite from all the dishes? Yum? That is exactly what a pervy thinks when he sees a pool of beautiful women. One could actually catch the glint in his eyes like a an eagle eyeing its prey.  ( Pervert Alert! )images
  10. There are guys who behave politely and assist women in the nicest possible way that one may stop and think, ‘what a gentleman!’. Once he gains trust, he goes all touchy leaving us mentally shocked and scarred for life. From personal experience, don’t be naive and trust no one.
  11. It is quite normal and honest to speak about past relationships. But if a guy asks you your sexual resume with all the slightest graphic and gory details, end the talk and get away from him. He is a PERVERT.

End of story. Period.



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