10 Ways To Handle Rejection In Love!

‘LOVE’, A messed up feeling. Isn’t it?

Love seems to be a heavenly emotion initially. But when dawns upon the realisation, that by mistake, you’re the ONLY one shot by the cupid, it automatically transforms to ‘Love Always Hurts’ scenario. Right peeps?

Rejection in such sensitive matters can actually leave you wounded.

But no worries darling! Icy Tales brings you ten of the most effective ways to dress your wounds and handle rejection in love. So here you go!

1)  Journaling:

Journals can prove to be your greatest friend, if given them a chance to. You just have to pen down what you feel, all the angst, frustration and hurt. Journals will leave you feeling light and de-stressed.

And the best part? They won’t EVER spill your secrets out to anybody.

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2) Music To The Rescue:

And by music we don’t mean the ‘dard bhare’ tracks which would turn you to a modern ‘Devdas’, but some good happy music which liven every single fiber of your flesh.

Because when the world becomes the most painful substance ever, shut all the tabs, turn volume high, and rejuvenation should be on your cards!

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3) Groove To The Beats:

Another way to feel lively is to wiggle to the rythm of your soul!

Plan out pool/ pyjama parties and groove to the most mesmerising beats!

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4) Something Productive Maybe?

Turn your overflowing sentiments into something productive.

Learn something new or explore things you always wanted to. This is your chance. Go for it!

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5) Brush Up Your Skills:

Finally youa re free to put all your concentration on your hobbies and talents.

Practice what you are best at, and shine brighter than ever!

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6) Enhancing Individuality:

Focus on becoming a better human and individual than going looking for love again. Develop yourself in each & every way possible, your future self would thank you for it. Trust me!

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7) Higher Your Optimistic Approach:

Your level of optimism should be the highest at such a crucial phase of your life. Always look at the brighter side of the scenario and have a positive vision towards life!

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8) Travel Around:

You have got this one life to travel and explore the surroundings and those beautiful landscapes & valleys.

Connect with nature and set your soul free!

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9) Meditation: Always A Go-Go!

Meditation is more of a confrontation with thyself & a healing therapy than just a ‘breathe in – breathe out’ process.

It’ll enable you to lose ypurself and discover yourself simultaneously, at the same instant.

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10) Your Buddy; Your Savior!

Vent it out! Talk and discuss whatever is boggling your mind. Don’t let it suffocate and suppress the REAL YOU. Grab your closest buddy and pour your heart out to him/her!

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This is not the end of your life, honey! Why suffer through all the pain for somebody who’s blind enough to not see your worth.

Let them see you carry yourself in all smiles.

Strive High And Sparkle!!

-Vedika Kaushik.

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