7 ways to deal with job rejection

 “Believe what you will,

     That is your right…
     But I choose to win 
      So I choose to fight”

Read these lines twice when you are about give up and don’t want to try any more.

So, now you have become a professional in your field. The 50 percent of your dream scenario is completed so congratulate yourself for working hard enough to achieve what you only thought of. Now the second half of your dream has begun and you are feeling like it was so easy to become a master but it is so difficult to apply your mastery and professional skills. Go back in the past! Haven’t you thought that the professional course that I am going to do is so difficult? You would have definitely thought of this at some particular time and things still took off after you had maintained your patience and hard work level. So why will the stones not turn this time?  Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

1) Be patient and work hard

Remember, if you are stopping at this point then you are not only forgetting your dreams but also proving that the time taken to complete the strenuous course in your field was a complete waste.


2) Believe in yourself!

Believe that you have the capability to achieve what you desire. Don’t underestimate yourself. Just think positive and believe that you can fly!


3) Appreciate yourselfLearn to appreciate yourself even though all people see is a failure. You know you can do it and nothing others say would put you down. Rejections are a part of one’s life, learn to accept them and move on.


4)Find out the reasons for which you have been rejectedFind out the reasons that have let you down and depressed you. If not anything, take inspiration from the Bollywood films(they can be very helpful at times) and then work on them so that you have no reason to fail.


5) Start meditating

Meditation might appear boring but it is a healthy exercise for both body and mind. Try it in the morning and you could even look for some meditation tracks on YouTube. Even five minutes of meditation can help you forget the pain and help you cope with rejection.


6) Master your profession

Don’t think that you have become a professional and there is nothing left. Start improvising on your skills, so that you can assure yourself that your life graph is on the rise, and is not declining after job rejections. Master your skills everyday in order to get better.



7) Do not compare yourself to others Comparisons are odious. If necessary one should compare oneself to  himself as time passes by.  Just compare how much you have developed through the passage of time. You may see many of your old fellows getting good jobs and you are the only one left , don’t worry because your golden period might be around the corner. Remember you are unique and special and comparison would only weigh you down.

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