How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely


Vacations are the best time of a student’s life and we want to enjoy it like hell. In colleges, all we want is for our semester exams to get finished so that we can enjoy our vacations. And I am going to suggest how to completely waste your Winter Vacations and not use this break for something productive
(CAUTION- These are the worst ways to spend your crucial time)

1-Watch the Sitcoms you have finished



How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 1

This one is for commonly all the “SITCOMS” lovers. Everybody has watched “FRIENDS’, come on it is the best comic sitcom ever. Now since your vacations have started, it’s time to watch it again and again and again and probably once again.We all probably have the best episodes in our mind, and now you have ample time to even mug up those jokes. You can make new records when it comes to watching sitcoms. For example, Better your previous record of finishing the whole season at a go in a lesser amount of time without eating and sleeping. Since the Sherlock Season 4 will be coming soon, so you can go through the previous 3 seasons that you have watched. Make the drill of your vacation somewhat like this

2-Sleep Records

How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 2

This one is especially for all the lazy asses out there. I guess hostelers can relate better to this as they sleep every Saturday night to better their previous record of sleeping at a stretch. The exams give us awful and sleepless night and also a lot of dark circles. It’s time to get the repair work started. Sleeping in winters is a total bliss. Loads of sleep is believed to be the best beauty tip, so all the girls get your beauty sleep before your next semester begins.

3-No internships Please


How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 3

Probably the last thing as a student you want in your life is to wake up at 7 am and go to the office in those chilly winters. So the best way is, do not apply for internships. We all know this by now that the best internships are always offered in the summer. So convince your parents by saying that it’s better to join in summers. After all, we know how much we learn at internships.

4-Eat like an Elephant

How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 4

The only mutual love among every creature on this earth. There never will be a time when the humanity won’t love this habit. We eat a lot during our exams but we don’t enjoy it as it acts as stress buster and our mind isn’t calm. As the winters are here and you are gonna be home all day, get your mom in the apron and let her cook for you. You can travel to the famous places around you to eat and explore more.  Another reason to eat in winter is that even if you put on extra weight you can still hide it with your extra layer of clothes.

5-Party Like never before

How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 5


Life is too short to spend time working, get yourself out there and party like an animal. The winters are probably the best time to party. Those chilly nights and those long drives are something worth experiencing once in a lifetime. Partying all night and waking up to amazing warms afternoons are probably the best moments of one’s life. Make sure it’s the best Christmas and New year ever.

6-Use Internet like never before

How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 6

The only thing for which, the whole humanity comes equally is, the amount of time spent surfing the internet. We all waste most of our life’s time surfing the internet or by opening Facebook hundred times a day and following every tweet. Now you have ample time to do this even more and more and more. Sit before your desktops and surf Facebook in one tab and surf other things like articles, trending news, videos etc. in other tabs. Find an area of interest, for example, stock trading and watch videos of it and get information about it. Learning something by surfing brings no harm, right?

7-Hit the cinemas

How to Waste your Winter Vacations Completely 7

This one is only for those rich students out there. You missed many trending movies during your exams, right? Now is the time to finish all the backlog.
Plan your week starting from Friday’s release and then look at the other movies that are being screened. A first-day first-show is something you must always be proud of because not many can afford it and not many get lucky with it. Watch it and give your friends a review of it. In case you like it, watch it again with other friends and give them the spoilers. I guess this is one the best ways to kill time and even enjoy it.

So what are you waiting for? Go out guys as your exams are gonna be over soon, and then you will have loads of fun in your best way.

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