We Want Equality!!!


Equality means giving equal rights to all. In writing, the definition of equality is of few words. But these few words includes everyone- rich and poor, male and female, upper caste and lower caste, rural and urban, AND MANY MORE.


Here, in this article I am demanding “Equality in Thoughts”. The disparity lies in our minds. It is our mind which ignites inequality. We can change the nation with the change in our thoughts. ‘Equality in Thoughts’ does not mean that every individual shall think in the same way. That is not possible. ‘Equality in Thoughts’ means treating everyone the same way. There is a saying “When you give respect, you get respect”. But first respect yourself and then demand it from others. Every individual deserves to be respected, to be treated nicely. We are children of God. We cannot force others to do something. Every individual should have the freedom to live with their own will. It is very important to change our mindset regarding various issues.


1. A girl is not a ‘boaj’. Allow her to see this beautiful creation of God called ‘Earth’. Free your mind from the thought that a girl would cost you money and a boy would earn you money. She has the right to be born, to be educated and to earn. She is born not just to get married and bear children, but also to live and learn. Marriage brings me to another issue, dowry. Come on guys, bring about a change in your mind. You are getting a life partner, who will always support you. What else do you need? On one side men talk of male ego, self respect and on the other side, demand dowry. Doesn’t dowry make you bow your head in shame?


Change is important in how we perceive another religion. Clichés have been made for every religion. One needs to think beyond those clichés. “Every individual has the right to be different but every human being is important.” Every individual has his/her own identity- in terms of thoughts and views and not in terms of religion. Religion is not the basis for identifying someone. No matter which religion he/she belongs to,one should enjoy equal rights.


Now lets discuss about another thought- Judging people on the basis of colour, caste, appearance, sex and wealth. Who are we to judge someone? Every individual is one of its kind. God created human being, a being who can think. Why do we limit our thoughts to black and white? We should think in different colours and understand the different colours of life. Judgemental people, you have no right to judge others. One can know what kind of person the other one is by his/her qualities and not appearance.


Barack Obama rightly said, “The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea:
and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.”

So lets join our hands together and promote equality. Bring a change in our thought first and then thoughts of others.

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