Victoria Alouqua: Who is “La Star des Camgirls Françaises”?


In the game for over 6 years, Victoria Alouqua certainly isn’t new, but she’s definitely not old news, either.

Any long term fans of the stunning French bombshell can tell you, she has been dedicated to bringing untold joy to hundred of thousands of fans since she started as a camgirl. At the tender age of 18, she became an internet sensation in France for her lusty videos and VERY informative, uh… sex toy demonstrations?

Making the hop across the pond just recently, Victoria Alouqua has definitely turned up the heat. Appearing on popular camgirl sites across the net, Victoria Alouqua has rocked the numbers. In one year on PornHub, she saw 121,004 subscribers. So what does this European camgirl come porn star bring to the US?

Meet Victoria Alouqua, France’s Best Kept Secret

Now 24, Ms. Alouqua has brought with her the experience and know how that the camgirl world craves. She has the sexy drive to take it all, while still delivering that camgirl gold. Victoria Alouqua specializes in sex toy videos and one on one cam sessions, even though she’s a self-proclaimed technology failure.

“I hate to spend days in the computer” she says in an interview. “I have no patience… I spend more and more time [answering fans] on social networks. I can not answer everyone! Otherwise I would have a 30 hour work day.” While she does say that she does truly enjoy her shows, she finds spending all day in front of a computer arduous.

With 48,603 friends and an Instagram that boasts 98,052 followers, there’s no doubt that she can’t contact all of her fans all the time. She does report that she prefers to interact with fans directly, especially during shows. It’s amazing that she has any personal time at all! But she finds it, and when she does, she knows exactly what to do with it.

Victoria Alouqua, More than Meets the Eye

Easily one of the most exciting things about this rising star is that she seems to have little to no care about what anyone else thinks of her. Following a botched breast augmentation, Victoria continued filming for her fans between her surgeries. Even though her buoyant breasts were gone. While she has them back now (and no worse for wear, she looks spectacular), Victoria didn’t bat an eyelid at having a less than “ideal” body.

In another cam session, the cam star went as far as to grab a pair of hair clippers and shave her head. “You think you know everything, but what really do you know?” Was one of her best lines in response to what people must think of her. Showcasing perfectly, that she will always be exactly who she is. Which is something that is cherished in the waves of cookie cutter porn actresses

Vic is an animal lover and very active, both inside and outside, of the bedroom. Many of her videos depict her performing steamy shows in the full eyes of the public. She brings her love of hiking, and her love of coming, together. Creating dreamy, one of a kind cam sequences that could make even the most devout porn viewer raise an eyebrow. Her photo feeds are filled with pictures of her skiing, playing sports, and even skydiving.

It doesn’t stop there. Besides being off the charts hot, she’s also completely relatable. Vic is an avid gamer, reader, and movie fan. Mentioning the Alien series as her favorite movies, and Stephen King as her go to author. Making her our outstanding favorite. Take any girl with her looks, tastes in movies and games, combine it with an adrenaline junky that has a body that doesn’t quit and you’ve definitely gained our attention. Put her on a webcam, scantily clad, taking a 7 inch dildo like a champ? We can’t look away.

Victoria Alouqua, All Fire & No Ice

Even though she does say that she has encountered quite a bit of catty criticism, Victoria Alouqua doesn’t let it bother her. When asked about rivalries within the industry, she just shrugged, saying “Jealousy is omnipresent… For my part, I have my band of girlfriends and the rest, I do not care”.

Of course, with all of her incredible assets, you’d expect some manner of contention. But, she doesn’t let it touch her or ever bring it into her performances. Making her the drama free porn queen that we’ve all been looking for. Or perhaps, what we didn’t know we were looking for.

Victoria Alouqua gives viewer what she wants, with little care to what we think we want to see ourselves. In the modern age of porn with fake breasts, fake blonde hair, and fake moans, it’s about time one girl took the reigns. And reign she does. Victoria doesn’t fall into a mold. She goes where she wants, when she wants. Using they toys that get her off better than any man could, and as a fan, there’s nothing sexier.

Despite her not kowtowing to the standard expectations of the public, Victoria has seen increasing numbers of followers and clicks. Winning her several awards on multiple streaming sites for being the top hit. Not only that, but she also admits to making over €5000 per month. So even if she’s well outside of what her fans expect, we’re still happy to view (over and over again) all of the content she graciously throws our way.


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