My Dysfunctional Mother: A Heart Touching Story

Teaching about cell phones to our elders has never been a cakewalk.We get irritated and frustrated when they repeatedly ask the same questions again and again when we are explaining them something.But I can never forget the time when she taught me alphabets,nursery rhymes,letters repeatedly after I made so many errors.

Those old fingers were shivering when I first gave her a new Moto 2nd gen phone,so that we both can listen to each other’s voice everyday.I study miles away from her and it is very  difficult for both of us to live without a glimpse of each other for months.The only problem was that her brain had stopped working intelligently enough to use these new smartphones where you need to swipe left,right,down for notifications and much more.For our freshly wired brains and young hands it is very easy to use these as we can type without seeing the screen and switch off our alarms in our sleep.For our mother’s it’s like winning a war everyday.


My Dysfunctional Mother: A Heart Touching Story

She hasn’t lived in this generation nor she has ever used a smartphone.Hence it was difficult for her to understand the stupid phone was saying to her.For her swiping using a thumb and hearing the bubbly voice seemed like an amazing sound to her.In her generation she used the Nokia 1100 where to get an S you need to press 7 for 4 times and here she was searching for a 7.When she found a 7 on the qwerty key pad she got lost as there were no S.

She saw the google play store with a symbol of bag. A store and a bag “WOW” she said.She loved shopping,and asked me “Can I shop?”.What shall I say to my innocent mother that it’s a google play store and it’s for shopping of applications. I said”MA,it’s for purchasing applications”. She replies”Why is it used”.
She was just struggling with the keypad and explaining her about the applications would have been impossible.
I said”Chuck it Mom,it’s not for you”.

The next moment when I see her eyes,it kind of said a thousand words.She blames herself for me getting irritated at her as her brain is no more permitting her to learn things.The disappointment in her eyes was clearly visible.She asks me how to open inbox which I taught her about an hour back,I get furious at her.To avoid any further issues she stops asking but she still strives.I feel bad but can’t say a word.

My Dysfunctional Mother: A Heart Touching Story

But then I recall my child hood when she taught me the same table of 9 about a hundred times even though I never struggled to learn.”Twinkle Twinkle little star”, as if I ever cared,but she did.2+2=4 she taught me that on a paper,she taught me verbally and sometimes she used even apples but she never said “Son chuck it,it’s not for you”.

She has been my mother for about more than 20 years now it’s my turn.

My Dysfunctional Mother: A Heart Touching Story

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