UFO – Myth or Reality

UFO - Myth or Reality 4

The Great Debate

As said by a famous person, “Are we alone in this universe? Both answers are frightening.”

As humans, we have all been fascinated by the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. There have been many movies and stories of fiction to document that fact. Nevertheless, do we have the courage to admit that there is even a possibility that there is life in some other distant part of this universe? Or can we say with absolute certainty that there is none.

Since ancient times, humans have believed in Gods. Is this God a figment of our imagination who we claim to be an omnipotent, omnipresent divine being or is God just an extra-terrestrial species which may have visited earth on more than one occasion. Some claim that aliens are a species of highly advanced civilization. Some claim that there is no such thing called an alien and dismiss the notion of such an idea as a child’s wishful thinking.

Conspiracy Theories

People have in their idle talks often claimed that their Governments are not always truthful to them about some things. That is true indeed, there are some secrets that need to be kept a secret in order for the country to function properly. There are some things which need not see the light of day as it may have catastrophic effects. But some people claim that their Government is trying to cover up evidence of existence of extra-terrestrial beings. They say that such information should be at the full disclosure of the public. But what if there was no such secret to begin with. Alternatively what if there are actually some things that cannot be made public under any circumstances.

Regardless, there have been many claims of people sighting UFO’s and the Government trying to cover it up. Most notable is the persistent thought that the Government of U.S. has constructed a secret research facility that nurtures research of extra-terrestrial species called Area-51. It is said to be the cryogenic storage for a lot of UFO evidence and the like. But no actual proof exists regarding its existence.

alien sighting

Fact and Fiction

There have been numerous incidents in which some form of natural phenomena was left unexplained. For instance, the disappearance of the civilization of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro remains unexplained. There have been many instances of crop circles found in fields that remain a mystery (whether they were done by farmers or actual landing sites of UFO’s).

Some even claim that the rise of the Aztecs, a tribe of South America, was attributed to aliens providing them with superior technology as cited in the movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Again this is a matter of debate regarding fact and fiction.

The most notable of certain unexplained phenomena, are the UFO sightings in July 1952. It is said that under the government of President Harry Truman, there have been sightings of fifteen UFO’s that seemed to be aware of its trajectory. At first they were thought to be comets or meteor showers. But it has been reported that the UFO’s made adjustments to their trajectory and disappeared just as well as they appeared. Some claim that it was a floating ball of orange light that left a tail over where it went. Some claim that it was a flying saucer in the colour of orange. It was again sighted later on in the month and President Truman ordered it to be shot down if it refused to land when asked.


The Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

Ultimately it boils down to the preference of the reader. Is the existence of extra-terrestrial life just a glimmer of hope in our minds as we seek out to space to find other forms of life? Or is it a reality that we are not yet aware of.

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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