Types Of Annoying People On Roads


If you are an experienced driver on Indian roads, you will surely have come across these types of people on the road, who are dedicated to irritating your mood with their antics on the road.

  1. The Aloof Walker


This is the person who has not got the memo of looking both ways before crossing the road. And if you ever hit them by accident, they create a ruckus about how you can’t even cross the road normally nowadays.

2. The Michael Schumacher


Race car drivers belong on the race track, not on the normal roads. Please. If you are in the mood to race against everyone, find empty roads, rather than cutting your way across traffic and irritating everyone.

3. Horn OK Please?


I know we see this sign on trucks, but that doesn’t mean they have to continuously keep blowing your horn to let people know they’re coming. Frankly, if we get irritated enough, we will turn around and crash into you instead of listening to you blow your horn again.

4. The Auto Driver


Any driver will know how irritating it is to get stuck behind an auto driver. The height of the vehicle makes it impossible to see anything ahead, and you will never know if you should overtake or not.

5. The Overly Cautious Driver


So perhaps the most irritating of all types of people on the road is the driver who is overly cautious about his safety on the road and will drive at the most minimum speed and never overtake any other driver. Unfortunately for you, if you get stuck behind them, you have no choice but to go at their speed and curse under your breath.

6. The Huge Bus on the Tiny Road

Traffic jam

Now this isn’t a person but it is worth a mention. Indian roads have their ‘gallis’ slang for tiny streets which connect areas, but when did it become normal to have huge public transport buses and other trucks to ply on these roads? Especially if there is anyone parked on the road, and the bus has to wait until the vehicle is removed creating a huge jam. Enough to make anyone lose their patience.

7. The ‘Don’t Judge Me I’m Still Learning’ Driver

Learner-Driver-Insurance (1)

Sure, we get the fact that you’re still trying to get the hang of driving on the road, but shouldn’t you practice at a time where there isn’t a ton of traffic on the road and you are going all sorts of crazy trying to figure it out?

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