Two Cups Of Coffee: An Inspirational Beautiful Story




So this is something me and my friend joked about doing, creating a website solely dedicated to reviewing all the cold coffees in the city, just to have an excuse to taste all of them. 😛

Just the two of us, with two cups of coffee, enjoying this brewed beverage.

But rather, a blog post would have to suffice, since like so many of us, tasting each and every cold coffee in the city is practically impossible, not to mention pretty much crunching our pockets. XD


Every day after college (or during since bunking is pretty much the norm) we have a standard place called Richie Rich which serves, in our opinion, the most addictive cold coffee ever.

A day gone by without the taste of our beloved Richie’s cold coffee is a day gone to waste 😛

Two cups of coffee, not that bad, eh?

“Little things in life make your life beautiful”- Anonymous.

These are our little things. Small gestures at the right time make a lot of difference.

A taste of this cold coffee, a hug here, a smile there, little compliments, and a funny joke when we’re down. Such moments spent with friends, both new and old, help make our life worth living.
It’s not the coffee in itself. The coffee symbolises a common denominator- we all can be different, but we all love the same thing. Isn’t that what having a best friend is all about? Loving the same stuff and doing them together?
When you start college, it’s a whole different world.

All new faces, new places, new ‘addas’ as we call them, and a new life. And no matter how much we imagine, that we’re going to go here and there, do this and that, be ‘friends forever’, life always has something different in store for us.

Sometimes, we may laugh our heads off, while at other times, the tears won’t stop. And the thing is, it’s both these memories which make up our entire college life. We can’t appreciate the good times that we have, until and unless we go through the bad times. And after all, it’s the rough patches that bring true friends together, who remain loyal, and that’s all we need.

It’s the friends we can call at 4 am, that matter.

So go ahead, say hi to any random person, go out for a cup of coffee, and talk. Just talk. You will not believe how easy it is, once you get over the fear of doing it. Don’t be scared- maybe the other person is just as nervous as you are.
Who knows, this person might end up being The One. 😉

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Aishwarya Rao, from Pune, India. Currently a student of management and aspiring journalist. 18.

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