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Tram Education: Put Tram W To New Good use

Tram Education

An Innovative Idea: This new development means that children can learn their daily chores in a much easier way.

Education is meant to be cherished and enjoyed and few understand it better than the teachers here. Penelope Stray and Michael Meneghetti, who are high school teachers in Fitzroy, has taken ownership of an unused W class Tram and transformed it into a place of learning, bonding and creativity. Ms Stray says that this is an innovative idea for students to come and learn who otherwise don’t attend classes.

Focus Is To Help Boost Up Students Confidence Using Tram
W tram classroom

She also says that it making it into a classroom is a perfect way to provide them the resources that would assist in boosting up the students confidence. In the program, nine pupils of Fitzroy are registered in the program as long as they need help and support. And to guarantee that the students are engaged with their activities and nothing else, cell phones are not allowed. She along with Mr Meneghetti encourages their pupils to engage in conversations, work collectively with the rest of the class, learn to cook their meals and also knit their clothes.

Tram to help with creativity thereby increasing confidence

Ms. Stray also commented saying that she is thankful of the Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria for their support and is hopeful that other schools or learning intuitions follow in her footsteps.

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