Top 10 Kollywood Movies of 2015

This year had been one with many successful movies for the Kollywood Industry. After the order to release small budget films equally as the contrary had been implemented, a remarkable change is apparent in the industry. This time, it is all about content and to be precise, Ghosts ruled the industry. Say it albums or the whole movie, it has been a thriller year for all of us.

Here are top ten movies of 2015 that will worth your time.

Naanum Rowdy Than

A Comedy-Action movie with all loud, casual jokes will make you go ROFL whole day. To mention, the actors have done their jobs, extremely well and with all the hit songs of the composer Anirudh, the movie has topped the list. Kadambari-Paandi pair rocked the movie with excellent dialogues and the one that remained forever with us youngsters was ‘Kaadhu ma, are you okay baby?’.

Starring Vijay Sethupathi and the dream girl Nayantara in the lead, the movie was a visual treat with a beautiful love story of a hearing-impaired girl in love with a local so-called rowdy and their vengeance for the murder of her parents. The villain part was played by Parthiban and that definitely says how flawless the performance would have been. With all hit, hit and hit from the direction to editing, watch this laugh riot.

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Thani Oruvan

Thani Oruvan bags brilliant script award! The young director M Raja had made a highly intelligent and a racy script, with his brother Jayam Ravi as the lead and Nayantara showed that she deserved a script like that, with her acting as the female lead in the movie. While the proposal scene in the movie had gone viral with the title ‘Cutest Proposal of the Year’, the soulful music and the BGM by the new trending music composer ‘Hip Hop Tamizha Aadi’ have added intensity to the movie.

Arvind Swamy, the heartthrob of the 90s as a hero, played the villain part and stole the whole movie with his impressive performance. His character as Siddharth Abhimanyu was highly admired by the people, simply more than the hero’s part. The bad guy is impossible to hate and he appears to be the perfect foil for the solid. After a long time, both the bad and good guy was equally loved by the audience. Despite the technical brilliance and the outstanding performances, it is undeniably a flawless execution by the director that deserves all the credit. This racy thriller is a must watch for everybody.

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The gorgeous Nayantara starrer super hit movie is a thriller flick, powerful enough to thrill your nerve. The story revolves around a struggling artist, her upcoming flick, her association with a real ghost story and that story is directed by a director. All these are connected with a real story involving an inmate in a mental asylum positioned inside the Mayavanam forest. So many tortured souls over there kill people who visit the place. Nayantara, as Apsara has done a brilliant job with so much involvement and dedication that is apparent.

The story starts off with a writer and his research about the asylum and one specific character and the incidents in her life. It’s a wonder by the Director Ashwin as this movie marks his debut in the industry. You get to easily connect to the character and the sound effects bags everything. I heard people shouting at certain sequences. The connection between the movie made and the lead character is the most amazing link, in this movie. If you are a suspense lover, run! It’s time to watch Maya!

Watch the trailer here:

Demonte Colony

Demonte colony is a grippy horror, inspired by a tale that has been in rounds around the city. The tale is about a wealthy Portuguese businessman from the late 18th century who led a troubled life and killed everybody in the home and burnt himself along with his wife, after the mysterious death of his son. The story goes like this. A group of typical bachelor friends, who get drunk, visit a deserted house for a thrill, according to the advice of the director guy who was supposed to visit the place alone for his story. What comes after that is unpredictable.

Every second after they leave the house keeps you connected intensely with the film and after a series of Horror comic flicks, Demonte colony would definitely be a relief to horror lovers, for this movie is tad serious about the genre. The major impressive feature is the acting and the casting. With Arulnidhi in the lead role, it’s all about four friends and devil and I promise, you will not regret watching the movie. The BGM is amazing and delivers the ghosts intention so clearly. A must watch for all ghost lovers.

Watch the trailer here:

Kaaka Muttai

This movie bagged two National awards and was marked a strong debut for the Director Manikandan. The plot circles around two young slum kids who are desperate to have a pizza, after watching a famous film star Silambarasan, eating the pizza at the opening ceremony of the pizza shop. From the slums of Chennai, the lads, who call themselves as Periya Kaaka Muttai and Chinna Kaaka Muttai, go to the quirkiest of an extent to earn that Rs 300 needed to buy them this Italian delicacy from an outlet which opens next to their shanty. This movie is a charming little treat with unbelievably good acting skills delivered by the young boys. Aishwarya, the young mother of two kids is at her best. No matter, if you don’t understand Tamil, you just won’t get enough of these adorable kids. There is a common perception about award films that they are boring and made for the critics. The entertainment element is normally missing and it would be melodramatic, and preachy. However, Kaaka Muttai is indeed an exception.  It is lively, cheerful and entertains big time.

It is all about the life and times of two kids Periya Kakka Muttai (Vignesh) and his younger brother Chinna Kaaka Muttai (Ramesh). The poignant beauty of the film is that director Manikandan has filmed it in such a way that he portrays the lifestyle of the slum people as it is. Kaaka Muttai is a winner and has its heart-tugging moments, largely due to its main actors. GV Prakash’s background score and songs gel well with the theme and Kishore’s cuttings are picture perfect. Overall, Kaaka Muttai is a slice of life vibrant film which is sure to put a big smile on your face as you are stepping out of the movie hall. Give it a chance and enjoy your treat!

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O Kadhal Kanmani

Now, it’s time for a new age romance! A simple story with its own charm and an intense message, the movie is a real magic with excellent performances by the leads Dulquer Salman and Nitya Menon. The pair is the most recently loved and their chemistry had so much positivity. This is directed by one of the successful directors of the Kollywood industry, Mani Ratnam. This movie is considered as a sequel to the movie Alaipayuthey, a Madhavan-Shalini starrer. The energy throughout the movie is amazing. The plot is about an avid gamer and a super cool architect and their decision to take up the live-in relationship. They are inspired by an old couple and how the man takes care of his ill wife and the issues they face. The man happens to be the hero’s relative. With alluring music at a different energy level, the movie is all about cute moments and love and love and love.

If Mani captures the young urban romance with Aadhi and Tara, the traditional aesthetic romance is conveyed through the Ganapathy (Prakash Raj) and Bhavani (Leela Samson) pair, the latter is affected by Alzheimer disease. The way Tara and Aadhi accept the traditional married life of Bhavani and Ganapathy is another poignant moment in the film, and the cute climax!! Claps! The director and the cinematographer keep the story focused and are definitely above a notch. This movie puts a smile on your face.

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Indru Netru Naalai

The industry’s first excellent science fiction comedy movie with a fine finish is named as Indru Netru Naalai. This unusual combination has worked its way to success for the debutant director Ravi Kumar. The film has you hooked from the opening scene and keeps you entertained until the end. The plot revolves around two friends who discover a time machine. In 20165, a scientist programs a time machine for a test run which fails to return. The story is about how a particular incident is linked with one another. It’s a centum in the background score by the trending composer ‘Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’.

The deliberately paced narrative ensures you identify with the predicament of the characters. Every character is well etched and the cast perfectly chosen. Vishnu seems to be on a roll and totally at ease with the character, giving a natural and effortless performance with no excess drama. Mia George, Jayaprakash, Sai Ravi, who plays the antagonist, and T M Karthik, the geeky scientist, are all equally impressive. But it is undoubtedly the director, who deserves all the credit. His talent is apparent and the film is worth watching, especially if you are a lover of the unusual combination.

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Enakkul Oruvan

Enakkul Oruvan is another bold attempt in 2015 by a debutant director Prasath Ramar. With a unique plot, the movie keeps you engaged in the suspense throughout. Siddharth has given a remarkable performance in his hit flick, Enakkul Oruvan. The movie is a psychological thriller, Enakkul Oruvan narrates two parallel tales, in which one is formed by the man’s dissatisfaction with his own life and a deep desire to experience a simple life as he wished. Both the stories are parallel and interlinked to each other. The story keeps you in suspense until the end.

One part involves a guy who suffers from insomnia and due to some wrong influences, takes in an unnecessary drug that induces sleep. For a difference, he is introduced to a whole new world in his dreams. In the other, an extremely rich and famous movie star, who can have anything he wishes, without any struggle. Both stories move forward simultaneously, seamlessly shifting between reality and the dream world. Every character in the film plays a dual role, with a slight modification. With admirable story plot, this has marked as a strong debut for Prasath as a promising director of the industry.

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Here comes, another horror flick, decoded in a humorous way. Although a remake, this marked a debut as an actor, for the famous music composer G V Prakash. The plot is about three youngsters, who decide to suicide in a house, away from the city. Before they could decide anything in their life, the ghost does. The female lead Nikki Galrani marked her first step as a female lead in the Tamil Industry and her acting skills are remarkable. Bala Saravanan, Karunas, and Rajendran are exceptional and certain scenes make us laugh until stomach hurts. Especially, when Karunas prays to god to help them to take a suicide attempt, we have no other option other than going ROFL.

Each of the four people, Karunas included, has their own past, which they consider as their reason to die. Again, the movie is a magic of a debutant director Sam Anton. This movie is compared to last year’s super hit horror comedy ‘Yamiruka Bayamey’. As in that film, the ghost here terrifies the other characters but there is no mortal threat. Recently, the trailer of Darling’s sequel has been released and is raised the expectation level. Now, this is a promising movie that is worth a watch.

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Kanchana 2

Kanchana 2 is the third part in the Muni series. The movie is a horror with comedy with delightful performances. The action, emotion, and the high-octane dance numbers add a plus to the movie and the director-choreographer-actor Lawrence. This time, it is not about one, but six ghosts, who are out to avenge their death. The story starts with a crew trying to make a catchy program to get a raise in the TRP rating. Even as the shooting begins, the crew senses something creepy in the atmosphere. When Taapsee finds an old mangal sutra buried in the sand, things spiral out of control.

The songs in the movie were composed by four composers and everything turns out to be pleasant, from dance numbers to romantic numbers. When it comes to the performance, Taapsee, one of the female leads, gives a solid performance, especially the scenes where she transforms into ghost Ganga is terrific. The ghost part is played by Nithya Menon, as a physically challenged girl. Such a brilliant performance. Kanchana 2 is the perfect movie for people who are looking for some full on entertainment.

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Rush and get ready for a movie marathon!

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