Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Holidays

Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Holidays 4

I have had a holiday and I’d like to take it up professionaly.

                                                                                                      – Kylie Minogue

Holidays!! Is there any one in this world who doesn’t wait for them?

Holiday brings the pleasure to our mind which remove the tiredness of long hours of doing hectic yet, necessary job. Holidays are not just for relaxation and resting its for just the change of your schedule. Sometimes even in holidays we are never off the duty. The name called holiday make us regain our consciousness and bring more energy to our body which we never get when we are in duty. We dream to do this and that during holidays but a lot of times due to not so proper planning we end up messing our holidays. Do you guys mess up your holiday? Do you think we should have enjoyed holidays differently? Then don’t worry for you future dreamy holidays here’s the top 5 ways to enjoy your holidays –

1. Have quality time with your family – Do you think your mental stability is getting sapped due to too much work but very less family time? Then why to spend your holiday without them? They are head over heals for you. They are the persons who can read between the lines of your life. Your life is genuinely of the family, by the family and for the family and your heart’s pleasure stays there than being with them at home and talking, playing and have fun with them because it releases the stress out of your sapping soul. The feeling and time you spend with them can’t be substituted by anything else.


2. Volunteer work – Is it a bolt from the blue for you? Am I crazy to suggest this in how to enjoy the holiday? You may think this initialy but try doing something for the cause of your society and at the end you will find it pleases your heart. Honestly I am not blowing the little ducks!! Once you do you will love to do it again and again.


3. Simply relax on your bed – Don’t buy my words for an apple and an egg!! Just try it out you will find my words are really worthy because no luxurious hotel’s cushy bed can substitute the relaxation you feel sleeping on your own bed and after all you don’t need to go too far and its at home and its free!! Relaxing in hotels or resorts is close but no cigar when compared to the relaxing in the comfort of your own bed.


4. Go for a movie with your friends – If elephant hasn’t stomped your ear you will love this for sure!! Seeing movie that too with friends will surely shoot you over moon as its simply the icing on the cake in a holiday. Having a popcorn bucket and sharing with friends, eating less and throwing more at each other is real fun which takes you too your childhood days and when you become childish you become tension free because what tension can kid have when having fun?


5. Don’t forget to have time for your partner – She is obviously the part of your family but time shared only along with her is something more amazing to have . She at any age is your puppy love. You will find it more sweeter than going to any holiday destination. What about a long drive with her without any professional tensions? Just think. I know you can imagine.

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Holidays spent in these ways can certainly be the best holiday in your books because life is all about small and simple things and these simple things worth more than any luxuries of the world. Have a nice holidays in future and don’t forget to share your lovely experience with us. Ok not asking about the private ones but the general ones!!


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