Top 5 Scariest Movies

Top 5 Scariest Movies 4

“When there is no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”

( A dialogue from the movie Dawn of the dead. )ho6

She – Koi hai wahan?

He – Koun? Koi toh nahi.

She – Mujhe darwaze ke pass koi dikhi.

He – Janu tumhara waham hai.

(Suddenly the door opens and wind blows, candle is blown out, it gets full dark.)

She- sshhhh…. koi hai….

Yes, you guessed it right! It’s a scary movie. Movies, especially of horror genre doesn’t only need  ‘roll- camera- action’ but also some special expressions of the actors without which horror movies can’t horrify the audience. Good horror movies startle the viewers, though they elicit negative emotional reaction among the viewers. These movies generally deal with the viewer’s’ fears and terror of unknown. Throughout the different eras, horror movies have made audience skip their heart beats even if they are super natural and unreal. Here I specify the top 5 scariest movies of all time-

1. The Exorcist (1973)

This movie was directed by William Friedkin and its producer was William Peter Blatty. It was incidentally an adaptation of the producer’s novel ‘The Exorcist’. Other horror movies of its time seemed to be close but no cigar to The Exorcist. This movie is not all about scary set ups and long dark corridor and sudden opening of doors. It’s a unique movie which has the imagery to scare the audience. The work in Iraq stands out among all its work. How can one forget Regan McNeil walking down on all fours? Linda R. Hager performed the famous spider-walk scene which was epic and mind blowing. The concept was introduced at that time but due to graphic issues it was not implemented. It returned as soon as graphic imagery was sorted out. From every angle, it is the best movie to hit the big screen till date which is supported by the fact that a $12 million movie went on to make a whopping $44o million. Dare to watch this movie!!


2. Nosferatu (1922)

As the name itself suggests, this movie was a symphony of horror. This silent horror movie was not an authorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. The names and details had to be changed later because this movie’s team was unable to get the rights. It was directed by F.W. Murnau and its producers were Enrico Dieckmann and Albin Grau. This movie is full of such scenes which you will like to just see with your eyes shut. Max Schreck didn’t give the theatrical effects but played the role of dracula to the perfection, though of a different taste. He didn’t play the role as a human Dracula, rather he made it look as a deadly animal. The rotating head which became famous and common at the time of The Exorcist is expected to have its root from this movie. This movie can be called as the combo of body horror and zombie horror. Come hell or high water, I can always easily say that this movie is the best silent movie of all time.


3.  Halloween (1978)

Produced by Debra Hill and directed by John Carpenter, this movie is the best movie among the horror movies which are not adapted from any novel. Made with a meagre budget of $300,000, it became a box office hit by amassing the $70 million mark. This slasher movie stood on the base of a terrifying atmosphere created in its scenes by well placed direction of John Carpenter. A maniac stalking and killing a young woman seems to be the interesting plot of this movie which builds around the suspense in the air. The movie’s box office credit is given to superb direction and classic camera work but many tend to miss that moody musics which was equally responsible for the major success of Halloween.


4. Night of the living dead (1968)

It was produced by Karl Hardman and Russell Streiner. The director George A. Romero drew inspiration from a horror and scientific fiction called “I am Legend” written by Richard Matheson. In this movie, a group of disparate individuals seek shelter in an abandoned farmhouse where they meet a group of corpses coming out of their graveyard in search of fresh human flesh to endeavour. This movie is undoubtedly the best zombie horror movie of  all time. It was made with a very small budget of $114,000 but went on to make $30 million in its journey to the theatre. If this is not enough to testify its status as the best zombie horror movie, I have another major proof to support my views i.e., “The Library of the Congress” selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry as it was respectfully considered historically, culturally and aesthetically significant. Watch the movie on a lonely night if you can!!


5. Poltergeist (1982)

This 1982 Carlifornia based movie was directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Frank Marshall and Steven Speilberg. This movie, as the name suggests was a typical ghost movie moving around the noisy ghosts which invade the house of a middle class family. This tightly scripted movie has an ability to consistently scare its audience throughout its total 114 minutes. This movie was a blockbuster considering that it invested in itself just $10.7 million but got a return of $121.7 million. It was equally appreciated by critics and audience and it went on to get nominated in three categories of Academy Awards.


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