Drama, thriller, and romance. … Here is a list of the best movies by the best directors that every movie lover should watch.

  • The Green Mile

This is one of the best movies of Tom Hanks. If you are a Tom Hanks fan then you should definitely watch this movie. This movie will give you an out of the world feeling. If you believe in supernatural humans and Miracles than this movie is for you. The winner of People’s choice award is a must watch.

The Green mile is a 1999 Fantasy Crime Drama based on the novel by Stephen King by the same name.



  • The Blind Side

This Oscar-nominated movie is for all those who truly believe in the power of love. Based on a true story this movie proves that there is still Heaven on Earth. This Semi-biographical sports drama film about an American football player is a must watch.

The Blind Side is a 2009 film directed by John Lee Hancock and was nominated for Oscar.



  • Love Actually

If you are a softy at heart and truly love romance then this movie is a must watch. This movie depicts different aspects of love in ten different stories which are interlinked with each other. This is a movie you can sit back, relax and watch it with your partner with a hot cup of coffee.

Love actually is a 2003 Romantic comedy film directed by Richard Curtis.




  • My Sister’s Keeper

This movie is for those who truly believe that family is the biggest angels we have in our life.This movie revolves around two sisters and how one is brought into this world just to save another’s life. This is one of the best movies of Cameron Diaz. An Extraordinary movie with the amazing story line is a movie not to be missed.

My sister’s Keeper is a 2009 American Drama Film Directed by Nick Cassavetes.




  • The Notebook

You must have probably seen this movie if you haven’t then you are missing one of the most classic romantic movies of all time. This is considered as one of the most amazing Nicholas sparks stories of all time. This movie has broken lots of hearts and has made many people cry. The movie revolves around two sweethearts Noah and Allie and how their love for each other never ends. If you are in love or has ever been in love then you will relate to every scene of this movie.

The Notebook is a 2004 Romantic Drama film based on the novel by Nicholas sparks and is directed by Nick Cassavetes.


So grab your popcorn and get ready to be transported to another world with these movies!


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