Top 10 Group Discussion Myths Busted.

Top 10 Group Discussion Myths Busted. 1

Top 10 Group Discussion Myths Busted. 2

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There is literally a “word war” going on between all the candidates of a group discussion but you are there in the nook recalling all the rules and regulations you came across either in a lecture or over the internet. The moderator breaks your chain of thoughts by hitting the buzzer and hence your chance of making to the next level gets wasted. Overcome these false rubrics of group discussions and brace yourself to take an active participation in this war of words. Below we have busted some of the myths of group discussion which are falsely branded as the golden points of cracking group discussion.

These are some of the popular myths that we follow during group discussions-

  1. Sit correctly – The moderator is not there to see how much your spinal cord could bend. No matter how straight you sit but if you don’t speak you are anyways out. So sit the way you like and speak as much as you can.


  1. Be Assertive – Let’s face the fact that if you won’t be loud to prove your point then no one is going to listen to your point. Yes! Not even the moderator. Be loud enough to make your point fell on the ears of others. Make sure not to be rude and not to use abusive language.


  1. Try to initiate the conversation – The topic given to you is no less than rocket science for you but just to grab those brownie points you start the discussion and eventually land it in soup. It’s better to wait for someone to start if you don’t know the basics of the topic.


  1. Don’t roll like a ball – Remember it is not a debate but a group discussion. Don’t adhere to a particular side right from the very beginning till the very end. Switch side and change the course of direction to gain the attention of the moderator.


  1. Be a leader – A leader always takes his team member to a right direction. Unless you are sure that you could take everyone in the right way, don’t take this initiative by changing the direction of discussion in a wrong way.


  1. Start by defining the topic – You are losing your precious time by defining the obvious topic. Avoid this habit and directly come to the point.


  1. Never ask question to other candidates – Do it because that’s your only chance to make those candidate stop who speak continuously. This way you could make the heads of other people nod in your favor.


  1. Never cut others short – If you won’t do it some other will. Hence, if you want to speak do it by hook or crook.


  1. Summarize your point when you get a chance – If you rush in summarizing your talk and give a final judgment in the very start then don’t expect rolling in other direction and infact don’t expect another chance to speak.


  1. Be clear in what you say while you summarize – Be diplomatic towards the end. Make sure that those who are listening to you leave the hall with a Q Mark on their faces. It is a GD not a debate. Otherwise, your same “CLEAR” summary could be used against you in the next round which probably is Interview.


GD cannot be learned from internet, books or from any lecture. It requires spontaneity at the last moment and if you succeed in doing that you could clear it with flying colors. Though the above mentioned strategies could help you a lot in relaxing before GD and somewhat give you a direction to talk in GD.

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