Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Exercise

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Exercise 4

“A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”
                                                             ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Exercise 5

The fresh air of morning is itself a dose of medicine for us. The cool breeze makes us feel re-energized. The lukewarm sunlight gives us ample amount of vitamin-D only in the morning. Rather than doing some exercise many of us feel its more important to do our daily chores because we think exercise is unimportant or we can do it in the evening. But remember exercise at any time of the day is close but no cigar when compared to the morning exercise. Even an early morning walk can keep our body fitter than any other exercise can do all day long. Don’t buy my words for an apple and an egg, just look at the top 10 benefits of the morning exercise and you will love doing morning exercise after looking at these benefits. Top 10 Benefits Of Morning Exercise are –

1. Increases your memory –

According to a study published in Perceptual and Motor Skills’  at an average a person doing morning exercise is expected to have 20 percent more memory than a person not doing any exercise at all. So if you are improving your memory after just a 30 minutes of exercise why not do it at least for the sake of your memory?


2. Increases your vocabulary –

Are you surprised? Although learning a good vocabulary isn’t a piece of cake, but a recent work published in ‘Neurobiology of Learning and Memory’ proves that a person doing intense exercise in the morning is expected to learn 20 percent more vocabulary than others.


3. More focused on your work –

Doing morning exercise increases our metabolic rate and re-energizes our body which means you get the permit to work more without getting tired. So, the metabolism of the body after morning exercise keeps you fresher and lets you focus on your work more than ever. This is proved by a recent work published in ‘The International Journal of Workplace and Health Management’ where it is stated that the people doing morning exercise are 23 percent more productive than the other people.


4. Feel good –

Some of the morning exercises help our body to release endorphins which are the feel good hormones of our body. You don’t need to do a highly intense workout for this, a 15 minute workout is enough.


5. Overcome your cravings –

According to a recent research work published in an international journal ‘Appetite’ we can find that even a 15 minute workout is enough for loose our cravings for chocolates, nicotine etc. Isn’t it good that even a mere walk is so fruitful?


6. Take advantage of the hormones –

It is said that in the early morning hours our hormones are at their peak so, we can use that to our advantage in making our body more fit and compact rather than doing exercise at any other time of day.


7. Reduces cancer risk –

India is one of the countries in the world where number of cancer patients are increasing at an alarming rate. Doing even a 15 minute exercise every morning you have a very good chance of avoiding cancer for your whole life. Even a work published in an journal ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise’ proves that women doing morning exercise reduce their chance by 55 percent of being affected by breast cancer.


8. Decreases your stress –

‘American College of Sports Medicine’ published a work that says that morning exercises help us to increase certain brain cells which has the ability to keep you stress free. Being stress free in the present world is like a gift from even because the chaos we go through our daily life makes it really difficult for us to be free from the stress.


9. Lose you rounded pot

We can see in a work published in a journal called ‘Obesity’ that only 80 minutes of workout every week prevents us from gaining visceral fat which in turn reduces the chance of many stomach related diseases we suffer now a days including the more common acidity. So, exercise even helps to maintain our stomach in a healthy manner.


10. Improves sleeping quality

Doing morning exercise relaxes the muscles and stimulates our body which keeps our mind relaxed and gives us a peaceful sleep. Getting a peaceful sleep in this world full of stress is one of the rarest things we can get so why not do 15 minute morning exercise and get it easily?


We the Indians taught the values of the morning exercises like surya namaskar etc. to the world. Exercise is for our own benefit, then why are you willing to slap your own wrist rather then using 15 minutes of your morning to keep yourself fit? Hopefully looking at the benefits you all will be ready to do the morning exercise. Remember the saying – “A Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”



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