Tips for Successfully Organizing Events At College


Want to be a leader? Want to show your management skills to the others? Then here are some tips for you to organize events in your college and become a leader.  Every year, in every college there are different events. It’s very important to do proper planning to avoid  last moment rush and in order to get applauded by the audience. Organizing an event is not a single player game and also not a one-day series. It requires a workforce and planning of 8-9 months before you actually organize it!




Tip 1 : Ask yourself some questions-

Now the first thing to go with is to ask yourself some basic but very important questions. You must know what, why, who, how & when about your college event. Why are you having this fest? Who will pay for it? What will the fest be, what are its aim & theme? When is it going to be held? How will it run? If you are able to answer these questions confidently then you are going in right direction.


Tip 2: Divide the sections-

Divide the whole event into different sections. For example: If you are having various departments in your college then there can be different types of events. There can be one competition from every department. Plus there can be different people who are handling the event. There can be a technical event team, cultural event team, a team for hospitality, a team for gathering sponsorship, a team for advertising your event, a team for handling the guests.


Tip 3: Build a team-

As I have already mentioned it’s not a one man show, you must require a large team to organize an event. As I have mentioned in Tip 2 that there are various sections, you must give responsibilities to different teams. Make sure that the team to which you are giving responsibility is the perfect team to handle that particular section.


Tip 4: Scheduling and Planning-

You can prepare a timeline for the events. You must start preparing for the event before 8-9 months so that you can plan properly and the event will be smooth. For different tasks, you can prepare a timeline using Gantt project, intagantt or Microsoft excel.



Tip 5: Regular checking plus Communication-

It’s very important to communicate with the team members. Regular checking of the work done is very helpful and important. You can estimate on which direction you are going. The team members can also discuss various problems faced by them and try to solve them. This communication part is the key for successful management. You can use Evernote for communicating.


Tip 6: Ask a Professor- 

Don’t Hesitate! If you are planning something big then you must need an expert advice. Your college professors are experienced than you so try to involve them. Don’t be over-confident and try to manage all the things on your own. Also, there are event teams in many colleges, contact them and get approval for the work you are doing.


Tip 7: Learn from Past- 

It’s very important to get a feedback of the last year’s event from the guests, professors or your seniors. You can learn a lot from their mistakes. There are many small things that are hidden and you can get the information from the seniors to avoid those small things. You can also organize a small survey to know from the last year participants. And trust me all this requires a lot of time. Therefore, start as soon as possible.


Tip 8: Guest List & Sponsorship-

You must prepare a guest list. If you are inviting any celebrity speaker then you must contact them and ask for their schedule. Celebrities also charge fees so you can make an estimate of how much part of the money you can spend in this particular section. It all depends upon who is sponsoring for your event. Sponsorship is very important. You need a different team for gathering sponsorship.


Tip 9: Advertising-

The crowd makes an event successful. If the celebrity who is coming is a writer or a businessman, he/she will be happy if there is more crowd so that they can promote their product. To gather more crowd and more number of participants, you need to make sure that your advertising team is moving in the right direction. The advertising strategy must be powerful and effective. You can post on various websites. Social media platforms can help a lot. Also, you can visit different colleges.


Tip 10: Take a Course-

You can organize a course/workshop in your college for the management team. The course on ‘how to organize an event’ will help the team members to move in right direction. There are different online courses available these days. You can take a course from ‘’ , it’s available for free and can be very helpful for you all.



I think these tips will help you organize a great college event. Keep in mind that while preparing for an event you must think about how the audience will accept it. In the end, it’s only the audience which decides the success rate of your event. So don’t panic and go ahead! All the best 🙂


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