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Tips To Save Your Smartphone’s Battery.

Tips To Save Your Smartphone's Battery. 4

Living in the 21st Century? Do you know what it is? It is the new age, a diversity where every hand has a smartphone and every smartphone has its user, smart or not, doesn’t matter.

“Such a strong bond can be within, both hell well no one can imagine!”

And to keep this bond alive one can’t imagine having one’s life over. Yes, the highlighted notion, the battery back-up of a smartphone. Here are some tips which will help you keep your smartphone’s battery healthy:


  1. Lower Brightness: Most handsets come with grand displays which are hungry upon battery ions. If we dim the brightness whenever suitable then this hungriness lowers, thereby saving up battery juice.

brightness low

  1. Turn off automatic brightness: Automatic brightness feature works on the principle of the amount of light that falls on the handset’s light sensor. Higher the external light, higher the brightness and vice-versa. This activity drains out battery and turning off this feature will prevent it to do so to a great extent. Rather, increase or decrease brightness manually according to scenario.


  1. Kill background apps: Well a smartphone has many fans in the form of apps. They happily run in it in the background without any hindrances for themselves. But it poses a ‘slower response’ problem for most of the smartphone users. Therefore, it is required to stop or kill them periodically by navigating into the task manager.


  1. Free up memory: After you use your smartphone and plan to keep it idle, navigate to task manager and free up RAM memory as it contains residues of apps running in background and foreground. You also need to clear up another memory called user memory. Never ever fill up this space completely. Have a micro-SD card of good quality instead for installing more apps if you are an app-freak.


  1. Use Battery Doctor: Many app developers have devised apps for smartphone users that kill apps running in the background. These apps also have a feature called auto-start manager that lets a user control those apps that have auto-start function. This saves up battery juice.

bat doc

  1. Observe your charging pattern: Well are you the kind of user who charges smartphone almost frequently every day? If you are, then better stop it! Because frequent charging of a battery decreases its life and though it runs to some extent one wouldn’t call it much of a battery back-up. So in order to keep the battery healthy, charge it to a complete 100%. It’s obvious it will decrease down to 0 and if you are not in a hurry for attending some event or catch a flight then use it to a complete 0. Because this really matters if you need your battery to remain healthy.

P.S.: If you are in a hurry then you should charge it, because you wouldn’t want to blame others for advising you over frequent charging.


  1. Enable power-saving mode: New smart-phones have a feature called power-saving mode. As the name suggests this feature helps increasing your smart-phone’s battery back-up. It reduces performance and restricts background data which apps use while their running phase. You can either set it up for enabling automatically at a certain percentage of battery or manually at any time.

safe mode

  1. Reduce animation-scale: This option is present inside developer options under the settings panel. Decreasing it lowers the performance of animation rate on a smart-phone and thereby decreases battery usage. But this option is not recommended for normal users as they may experience different kind of behaviour out of their smartphone unexpectedly.


  1. Set up a background process limit: This feature is present inside the developer options. It allows the user to decide how many apps to be kept running in the background. The user can either select 0 background processes or have an option of his own.

back process


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