This Traffic Light In Germany Has Been Red Since 1987


The traffic regulations at Dresden, Germany have caused a traffic light to remain red for the past 28 years. Officials stated that it will continue to grow red perpetually until there are changes in traffic regulations.

The light is situated where Ziegelstrasse meets here other streets, and the primary purpose of the street light is to make motorists take a right after stopping. If they go straight ahead, they will run out of fuel as there are no gas stations for quite a while.

Despite the traffic light needing only one light bulb, the annual maintenance costs of the traffic light are just like any other and the yellow and green lights are replaced whenever necessary. The traffic light’s unique placement and function are attributed to the directives from the Research Institute for Street Transportations that were formed in 1987. The regulations have been mentioned in the administrative regulations section of the transportation regulations booklet of Germany, which maps out the traffic rules for all states.

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