The 10 Goals For A Better India

What do you think…What are your responsibilities as an Indian Citizen? Only flag hosting on 26th January and 15th August and remembering people who died for this nation?

No! There are other little things on which we have to concentrate. I am not telling you to hold a gun and die for our Nation or Write patriotic poems and thoughts! No, that’s not only the way you can show the love for our country. Today I am going to tell you the 10 most basic things which if you do on a regular basis can change the scenario in India. Let’s see-

1. Unity-Develop the spirit of brotherhood. Behave nicely with everyone, help needy. I think it’s very easy.

2. Respect Women-Protect women around you. If you really love India then try to protect and respect each and every person of our country.
3. Say No to drugs-India is a country of youth. Drugs and different type of these things are hampering the progress of our country.

4. Swachh Bharat- Keep your surroundings clean. Inspire others to do that too. This will make India a better place. Government cannot do anything. It’s totally our responsibility.

5. Put them in Classes not in Glasses-Stop Child Labor- Children deserve to be classes not in a workplace, washing the dishes! If you can help in any sense to stop child labor then seriously you are really contributing to Indian Progress.

6. Drive Safe-Follow traffic rules. Drive safely. Ensure that the number of accidents decreases.
7. Each One Teach One-Let’s Educate India- Education is our weapon. We can develop rapidly if more and more people get educated. If possible in your entire lifetime, teach anyone. This will lead India to greater heights. Literacy % is improved but it’s still not satisfactory. Try to make it 100%.

8. Afforestation-Plant trees. Save your life as well as others. Tresses are the only thing which provides you so many things for free. So take the pleasure, plant a tree.

9. Switch off Lights-Save electricity. Decrease your bill plus help the development. Use renewable sources of energy if possible.
10. Use your Powers-Use your voting power. Learn to use it correctly. Choose the right person and feel the change! 😀

All these points which I have mentioned here are easier and can be followed by every Indian. These are simple and easy steps then chopping you heads but seriously you will contribute to the progress! 🙂

-Anubha Maneshwar

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Anubha Maneshwar