6 Things to Do on Your First Sleepover

The first time I was allowed to spend a night away from home, and at a friend’s place, was after my first board exam. I still remember that day vividly, as it had been one of the best days of my life! I can never forget the sheer excitement and anticipation that accompanied the thought of finally spending an entire night away from parental supervision, surrounded by friends, doing whatever we liked! Well, if you are still to have your first sleepover, let me assure you that it will be one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of your life! Here are a few tips to make that special day a little more special and awesome!

  1. Midnight Snacks

This might seem obvious, and yet it is one of the most important things that you MUST do on a sleepover! After all, what’s the point of spending an entire night in a strange house, on a strange bed, without your favourite fluffy blanket, if you don’t even get to eat unhealthy fast-food at terribly unhealthy hours of the night?

  1. Scary Movies

Unlike at home, where you run the risk of not being able to go to the toilet alone at night and thus pissing off your parents by pestering them to accompany you for a piss; sleepovers are the perfect opportunity to watch your favourite horror flicks in the dead of the night, exactly when they were meant to be watched! Sure, you’d be dead scared and trembling underneath your blanket for the rest of the night, but then, so would all your friends! And you can all accompany each other to the bathroom afterwards too.

  1. Chatting into the Small Hours

Okay, let’s get this clear. Despite the misleading name, nobody goes for a sleepover with any intention of actually ‘sleeping’. A sleepover isn’t a sleepover until you’ve whispered yourself hoarse into the small hours of the morning, huddled conspiratorially on the bed with your friends, before finally collapsing from sheer vocal exhaustion at 4AM. Not that any self-respecting teenager would ever admit to that last part!

  1. Getting Drunk

At what other time in your life would you get the golden opportunity to collapse undetected into the bed after a few rounds of vodka, with no fear of family members noticing your splitting headache the next morning? The only thing better than getting drunk with friends is waking up with them, to a super-greasy breakfast and a killer hangover!

  1. Pillow Fighting

Okay, so this is just girl-code. If you are having a sleepover, you simply have to have a good old-fashioned pillow-fight. There is nothing more fun than hitting your best friend on the face with a fluffy pillow, only to be hit right back a moment later and languishing in a rain of soft, fluffy feathers! The room might be a mess of feathery fluffiness by the end of it and auntie might make all of you clean the house the next day but, believe me when I say that you would remember that first pillow-fight to your last breath!

  1. Prank Calls

Dialling random numbers on your or your friends’ phones only to make weird noises into the speaker before hanging up: is one of the grand-old traditions of sleepovers! Prank calls, while supremely annoying when one is on the receiving end of them, are one of most fun things imaginable with a bunch of your closest friends, in the dead of the night, hiding under a blanket-tent with a torch for the campfire and whispering utter nonsense conspiratorially into the receiver. Never tried it yet? You won’t regret it once you do!


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