8 Best Things To Do if you Love India


Being an Indian, you can simply not love India. We Indians, have so much to be proud of. Our rich culture, our fight for freedom, our contribution to various disciplines, and the list goes on.

The Top Things to Do If You Love India

In today’s world, India is not only one of the fastest-growing economies but it also actively participates in world politics. But, what can the plebeians do to show their love for their country? So, here’s a list of 10 things to do if you love India.

1. Say that we feel unsafe in the country

Rapes and molestations happen. Eve-teasing happens and women have to deal with it daily. It’s time we talked about it, rather than try to put it under the blanket. Having an open approach and good communication will help us address the problem.

2. Learn about our freedom fighters


India as we all know, has a very rich history. From being ruled by many dynasties and emperors to being colonized by the British and finally gaining independence after a long struggle.

There were many emperors under whom the country prospered, many freedom fighters who gave up their lives for India, many leaders without whose motivation, we wouldn’t be the country we are today. Learn about them and teach the coming generations. Knowing about our freedom fighters is the first thing to do if you love India.

3. Know what’s true if you love India


Know what’s happening right now. In a country as big and diverse as India, something or the other is always happening. Go through the newspaper daily to make sure you know the correct facts about an incident. Research online to ensure that what you read in that Whatsapp forward is true. You can also watch the debates on news channels to get a broader viewpoint on a particular subject. Moreover, knowing India’s global stand on an issue is very important.

4. Know your responsibilities

There are certain fundamental duties listed in our constitution. For us, the citizens of India, these are certain obligations and we should not neglect them. Some of them are, respecting the National Flag and the National Anthem, abiding by the Constitution and its ideals, and so on. We Indians should spread awareness about these fundamental duties and fulfill your obligations

5. Relearn your history

We all have grown up listening to stories of The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. These stories are not only examples of the superb literary works by great Indians but also teach us right from wrong and hence enhance our morals. Pass these stories to the next generation to keep them alive. Knowing Indian history is important if you love India.


In India, there are a lot of national holidays. We use these days for sleeping a bit more or relaxing. But what happened on that particular day? What is the history behind it? Know why we celebrate these holidays to truly indulge in the holiday spirit – and teach others too.

6. Explore India – It’s Beautiful


India is a very beautiful country. It has mountains and beaches, historical places and metropolitans, all of which are very suitable for a nice, relaxing vacation. They have a history of their own. There are plenty of places and cultures to explore the country – and no reason why you should not!

7. Learn about the National Symbols


Like any other country, India has some national symbols like the Tiger, the Lotus, or the Peacock. It also has certain ideals like ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and ‘Satyamev Jayate’. Promote these symbols and ideas to make people more aware of them.

8. Look to Go Indian

14490393_slide11[1]Replace Woodland and Levi’s with Shreeleathers and FabIndia. Replace Fossil with Titan. Go for Amul and Parle instead of Britania. These are just some examples of how we can encourage Indian brands. Your love for the country will show if you truly love it.


Srijonee Basu


Indraprastha College for  Women

English Hons.

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