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Things That Exams Bring With Them

Things that exams bring with them

Hello my daisy- doodles and cuddly-pies….exams almost knocking on the doors aren’t they? So, what do we decide to do? Silly things of course!!!!!

An inhuman ability to sleep

What? do not look at me that way people! We all know that you are sleeping half the time when you are locked up in your room, supposedly studying your ass off. Yup, and mamma saying-“ beta, Kitna padhega…so ja.”

An increased craving for movies, books and all things anti-exam

I don’t know about you, but this is when my novel consumption rate is the highest. Craving for movies that you wouldn’t even spare a glance to otherwise? Looking longingly out of the window at the mall which you have visited thousands of times? If your answer is yes to all of those questions then you most definitely have a severe case of ‘exam-blues’.

Shopping for your life

Shoo boys….this is only for us divas. Agree girls? Depressed? Down? Exam scares? What do we do???? WE SHOP!!!! Shop like there is no tomorrow! (good thing too, sure dad’s not gonna pay a cent after the result)


Cannot study? No worries….do not let your friend study as well! We ring people up and say-“aur bhai, kitna hua?”. Do not even try to deny it, students, the 4 digit phone bill is proof enough. Surely, it does not take an hour to discuss a formula. It is the jitters I guess and happens more just the day before the exam. The point to be noted is that we end up calling only our close friends. The conclusion? Well, if you have received more than 2 calls from your friend within 24 hours, be assured that you are one of his besties….or lets say healthy competition.


The good thing about those 3:00 am straight study sessions?(when you do manage to do that once in a week and sleep the rest of the week off) FOOD!!!! Lots of binging! And surprisingly enough, it does not even show. SO NO EXTRA WEIGHT DURING EXAMS. Because, no matter what, we end up looking like overworked asses after the exams are over and that is the identity of a true Indian student.


Well, I don’t know about you but my one addiction is music. The result? It’s me remembering the lyrics of the song I heard the night before, when I’m trying to remember the formula for wavelength! Hmmm…I have never asked, but I might have graced people with new songs to add to their playlist….Yeah! that totally explains the strange stares I get from the other examinees. Well, what can I do…I like to hum “castle of glass” during the exam.

Exams make us pious

God and the vendors are really happy during this time of the year. Business is really good, after all….the students all over the country promising, “sawa rupaye ka Prasad aur do nariyal” count for something don’t they? I don’t find myself praying or visiting the temple on a regular basis, but exams are a different story I even wake up half an hour early to fit in the temple in between rushing to the exam centre…and that saying something for a person who does not wake up early for her own birthday.

Abhilasha Dey

Written by Abhilasha Dey

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