10 Things No One Tells You About College Life

Everyone tells you that college life is exciting and that you should live it to the fullest, but no one tells you what college life is in the real sense of it. Here are some things no one tells you about college life:

  1. College life isn’t what you see in moviesCollege is not about 24×7 fun and no studying. It is not always about bunking classes, watching movies, drinking, partying and falling in love. While in school you desperately waited for college to begin, you now wish you’d be back in school. Sometimes(actually, most of the time) you loathe getting up from bed to go to college, but your attendance which seems to be in sync with the gravitational pull forces you to attend classes. The daily dilemma of deciding what to wear makes you miss and crave for your school uniform.
  2. The workload may sometimes be intense There may be times when you are overloaded with work. Projects, assignments and exams may consume the major part of your day and, of course, the whole night and can be restless.  It may sound like a not-so-cool idea, but it is better to finish your work much before than when its due.
  3. It ‘s okay to fall in love five times a dayWith beautiful and hot guys and girls around; you are likely to change your crush several times a day.  Falling in love may become your priority, and you may also learn that your infatuations will not end up being your full half.
  4. Managing your finances is difficultYour pocket money always seems less when you think of the money spent partying, travelling, in the canteen, on birthdays, on buying random things, online shopping, etc. You got to have control over yourself and save money for photocopying the notes one day before your exam.
  5. You will drink more coffee than waterWhen you have assignments or exam due the next day, not even your best friend but coffee will help you transform from a human into an owl. You will have more cups than you realize and on some days, especially in winters, they become a necessity between lectures. However, be careful about your coffee intake and remember too much caffeine is bad for your health.
  6. Peer pressure can ruin youYou may be driven by your friends to do things you don’t want to.  You may regret it later. Don’t drink or smoke just because it seems a neat thing to do in college.  Don’t lose yourself in trying to be someone else. Be yourself and do what you feel is correct.
  7. You buy more stuff than you needEverything that your college mates own, seem fascinating and you end up buying a lot of similar things. Visiting markets become a regular chore. Nothing seems more satisfying than online shopping. But it is all a waste when after a few days you realize you won’t be using most of the things you bought.
  8. Friends aren’t formed overnightIt is not an easy task to make friends in college. When you are surrounded by a bunch of new faces around you, you don’t know whom you can share your joys and worries with and whom you can trust.  It takes the time to know who are the ones like you, and eventually you find your BFF.
  9. College trips are unforgettableYou may be planning to save money by staying at home and not joining the college trips, but it may be the worst idea. College tours give you the most beautiful moments of your life. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend crazy time with your pals and explore the beautiful destinations.
  10. Everyone wants to succeedIt may seem that everyone is busy partying and checking out the newest restaurant in town or busy dating people and enjoying life to the fullest, but it is not so. Everyone wants to succeed and end up with a good job at the end of college. So, people study and intern and try to increase the content of their résumés and work hard for good placements. So don’t be fooled by the easy going college life, you got to work too.

But no matter what college means to you, you must cherish every day of your college life to the fullest..!

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Ishita Mishra