10 Things to Know While Searching a College

10 Things to Know While Searching a College 1


College is considered the best time to enjoy life to the fullest. It is where you learn to express yourself. Hence, it is really important to choose the right college. Here are 10 things to know while you are at it:

  1. When you go on a college hunt, you might (strike that, should) want to first check out the rating of the college like the rating we see for hotels. There are agencies that rate colleges on the basis of exam results, placements, etc. You might also want to behold the NAAC grade by UGC while searching for your right college.   If you’re planning to take a bba degree online, Walsh University would be a good choice as it has been accredited and approved by higher education bodies making it a reputable school to get your degree. images (7)
  2. Infrastructure                                                                                                              I am not saying that you should look for universities that look exactly like Oxford or Harvard. Your college must provide you ‘your space’ during your period of study. This would make you comfortable and your time in college memorable. Trust me on this one.  images (8)
  3. Good output                                                                                                                  This should be the most fundamental factor while choosing the right college. The college you want to study has to have proper results. It is REALLY important to check out the output of your college because this is your future that we’re talking about. You wouldn’t want to study somewhere where only two out of fifty get out qualified, would you?  images (10)
  4. Transportation                                                                                                             Does the college provide proper transportation for students and teachers? Or is there a public transport facility that connect students to their home? After all, not all are going to be hostelers, right?  images (11)
  5. Locality                                                                                                                     You definitely DON’T want to study in a college that is in the middle of nowhere. Check out if the locality of the college is fully equipped. Basic needs include an Internet cafe, bakery or cafeteria and a cool place to hang out with friends. Who knows about the classes you are gonna bunk.  images (18)
  6. Facilities                                                                                                                  Basic Facilities such as WiFi, dorm, toilets, gym, radio station, canteen, a stationery shop, playground, courts, infirmary, and a seminar hall are mandatory in a college.  images (12)
  7. The reputation of management and faculty                                                              College is the last phase where a student acquires knowledge in a classroom. Also, this is the first phase where a student becomes an independent citizen. It is really necessary to know that the management is not too controlling or that the faculty imparts just enough knowledge to step out into the world.  images (9)
  8. Dedication of the department                                                                                 Scrutinizes the particular department in the college you want to join. Do they have enough teachers? Does the department have enough results? Is there a positive change in students that have studied under the department? Do the teachers put in their efforts so that their students do something worth in their lives?  images (14)
  9. Exposure                                                                                                                 Does the college you want to provide enough exposure to the world? Is there any student exchange or cultural exchange programme? Not all colleges might have this. But seek out whether the college organizes intercollegiate seminars, tournaments, competitions, workshops, etc.. Or whether the college lets you participate in those when they are held in other colleges. One should note that knowledge is not confined within the four walls.  images (15)
  10. Extracurricular activities                                                                                          Do your college give equal importance to extracurricular activities as it gives importance to studies? If yes, you are in luck. This could be your time to develop and hone new talents and hobbies. If your answer is no, you certainly don’t want Jack to be a dull boy, do you?  images (17)

Your college and a few other factors are what make you ‘you’ in the future. Choose wisely.  images 2

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