Things To Keep You Fresh And Healthy This Summer

  1. Exercise with the sunrise

    Try to work out early in the morning, or during the evening when the sun is calm. Completely avoid working out or exercising during the peak hours of
    the day.Try light exercises such as walking, aerobics, dance, yoga and what
    better than ever relaxing exercise- swimming.

   2. Cool down your mind and soul

As per some studies, human tends to be more irritated, short-tempered and
aggressive due to the rise in temperature. So the most effective weapon to
cool down your mind is to meditate for some time, so that you can relax
yourself and absorb some positive vibes. Or Listen to some soulful music,
walk around and cool down your soul.

Source: Quora

 3. Go easy on food

Avoid foods that heat your body more. Avoid spices such as
chillies, peppers, cinnamon, black pepper. Also eat in intervals rather than
too much food at once. It produces less heat in your body.



4. Go all light and natural

Wear light weight, and light coloured clothes, also avoid wearing synthetic
fibre, and wear more cotton. It absorbs sweat and also it’s evaporation
makes you feel cooler. Light colours also tend to reflect sunlight whereas
dark colours absorb heat.

Source: dissolve

5. Slow down your alcohol

In this weather you might be craving a cold beer or a chilled wine. But
then you should avoid alcohol because it produces heat within the body and
also dehydrates the body. Better try cold mineral water or drinks with low
sugar. Also, avoid drinking too much caffeine in forms of coffee and colas.
They also increase the metabolic heat in the body.


 6. Shower up   

Taking a bath or shower before bedtime especially is very effective but it
should be just below the body temperature. A cold shower would be your
first thought in your mind but your body generates heat afterwards to
compensate for the heat loss.


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7. Eat more fruits

Should eat more juicy fruits like mango, watermelon, melon as they are rich
in water content and also help in keeping your body well hydrated and cool.

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