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Things Every ‘Only Child’ Can Relate To.

Being an only child is not easy. People have a wrong perception. They think that you are overly pampered, spoiled and arrogant. But these are just myths.. the only child myths. The reality is far from it. Read on to find out the real story.

1. You are over- protected

When you are the only child of your parents, they are more protective of you as they have all their time, attention and concentration undivided on you and only you . As a kid, it’s all good but it can become suffocating once you step into your teenage or adulthood.

2. You are comfortably alone

You seek pleasure by being on your own. You don’t need people around you all the time. People may even call you ‘anti-social’.

Your little comfy bubble is where you are the most productive. You spend time with yourself and you are fine with it. But just because you like being left alone does not mean that want to live a lonely life forever.

3. You don’t understand why your friends call you lucky

When your friends tell you how much they hate their siblings and how lucky you are to be a singleton, you seem to differ.

You have never had an irritating little sister who steals your makeup or a dominating elder brother who makes the rules for you that’s why you can not relate to them. You just crave for having that love/hate relationship with your sibling ..umm.. if you had one.

4. It has always been about you.

I, me & myself

Since you were a kid, every new toy that came in house belonged to you, you have always had the last piece of cake, last slice of pizza and last cookie left, you name it.

It has always been about you – your happiness, your likes, your dislikes,etc. So sharing things with someone could be really demanding for you but not impossible. You do try!

5. You struggle becoming friends with someone new

You are reserved. You only trust people who have been with you for a long time. Unknowingly you have turned into an introvert over time. Making new friends as an adult is already no picnic and on top of it if you are an introvert then it takes a lot more struggle to meet up with new people.

6. You are difficult to please

You are habitual of having everything perfect for yourself, so the bar is set pretty high. No setting unless it’s perfect can please you.

You seek perfection in every relationship of yours. If you find any glitches, you distance yourself from those people.

7. You are humble

Spending so much time alone makes you humble. You are sensitive towards others feelings and you don’t like to hurt people because you very well know how it feels to be hurt and having no one to soothe the pain.

8. You are strong

Others may think that you are an emotional wreck or are easily-pained, but you are emotionally very strong and have a resilient personality. You are a go-getter.

Anjali Nair

Written by Anjali Nair

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