10 Things To Do Before Getting Married


Marriage is something which binds you yet provides you freedom, both at the same time. So before you enter an all-new phase of life, don’t you think you should complete a few crazy pages of the ongoing chapter of your life?

Here, Icy Tales brings you your bucket list which is to be fulfilled before you get married.

1. Travel And Transform:

Go on a solo trip and discover yourself. It would not only help you clear your mind but also give you a sense of independence and enhanced individuality.

2. Learn Something New:

Learn something you always have been craving to. Maybe a new skill or a hobby?

Take music lessons or enroll yourself for a language class. Be it drumming or Spanish, add a new pointer in your skill list! Learning is the only thing constant in life, be sure you experience all of it!

3. Catch Up With An Old Friend:

Your pals must be thinking you forgot about them while living your all-too-busy life. Make it a point to take some time out to surprise at least one of them randomly and let that idiot know that you still treasure your bond and the treasure of your connect with them!

4. Pamper Yourself:

Sounds weird? Nah!! You have all the rights in the world to feel on cloud 9.

Take yourself out on a shopping spree, get a rejuvenating spa, watch sunsets and sunrises alone. Cherish yourself to the utmost limit. Because as somebody rightly said, you yourself deserve your love and care as much as anybody else does!

5. Learn To Cook:

No kidding! SERIOUSLY learn to cook a variety of delicious stuff, not because you need to, but because you’ll be able to support your partner as well as surprise them frequently & make their mouth water!

6. Join A Gym:

After all, who wouldn’t want a hot & sexy life partner? You’ve a chance to make yourself fitter and look even more irresistible before getting married. So why miss it? Work it out peeps!

7. Have A Casual Fling Or Two:

Okay & I hope nobody buries me alive after this advice but hey? Live your life to the fullest before entering a stringed phase. Go out, experience something which gives you an adrenaline rush, carry out your fantasies, flirt with strangers. It is your bachelor/ spinster life, go insane before you get indulged into a responsible environment!

8. Get A Make Over:

It is time to try out the craziest ideas ever. Get blue streaks or cut your hair short, experiment with styling or maybe alter your fashion sense a little. Flip things and add fun to your not-so-spicy life!

9. Go Clubbing & Gulp Those Shots Down:

Because “ye nicke nicke shots” be your shortcut to let your spirit free. Get drunk and let your heart pump craziness instead of blood.

Let that sense of euphoria last a little longer!

10. Uncover Realizations:

Try to figure out a few necessary realizations such as; you may not be a perfect marriage material, but you’ll try your best to invest your 100% in it. Realize you’re worth and cutting down on your inner peace or self-respect, please!

So basically, since now you got that ‘to-do list’ ready, so why not start executing it before toying with the idea of marriage. Explore yourself before thinking of exploring anybody else.All the best with life, people! And give every phase of life the best shot!!

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